Can't break through the wall!!!!

  1. Can't break through the wall!!!!

    Ok, I'm new here and need help with the same exact problems you have answered for the 200th time, so please be patient with me. I've been trying to get my weight down to 177 and to tone it. My problem areas are lower abs and lust handles. Just to put it out there, I'm not trying to get real muscular just really toned. I don't lift a lot of heavy weights, just moderately light many times. I've been researching fat burners and came across DCP/Leviathan. I've read many good things about it and it seems to be pretty legit. Does it target specific fatty areas like abdominals or is it pretty much a full body fat burner, if there is such a thing? Does anybody personally recommend this? And what exactly was your weight loss time frame (ex. 15 lbs over 35 days)? Oh also, I have recently deceided to change my multivatimin? Any suggestions that will work well with that fat burner? Thanks to all of you Kings and Queens of the perfect body universe, lol

  2. If you're looking fo trouble spots and you're already pretty lean you may want to go with a topical fat loss product otherwise your orals will be a total body weight loss approach.

  3. Total body is what I'm looking for. I've just heard some products work best in 1 area.

  4. I'm not sure of anyorals that will target certain areas but I may be wrong. Venom Hyperdrive worked well but I understand there's a new formula out and I haven't had a chance to try it yet to know if it works as well or better.

  5. whats your diet look like that is a bulk of weight loss you should clean up diet and make sure your lifting and cardio is where it needs to be before you turn to a supplement

    i my self am cutting from 24.9%bf currently and with just adding a little more cardio every day and cleaning up my diet ive been able to drop to 19.4%bf from 24.9 in just under 6 weeks and still raise the weights that im moving post up your diet, lifting and cardio schedules so we atleast know what your working with you may not even have to go to a fat burner and as i always say diet and good training>pills any day

  6. The lower abs/love handle area is a problem spot for almost everyone, and there is no way to spot reduce that fat, you have to lower your overall body fat percentage to get that to go away, and it will most likely be the last to go. A fat burner will help, but we will need to see your diet and training plan to really help you out here. Also how did u come up with 177 as a weight goal?

  7. It's all diet. If you're not able to see your abs then a fat burner is not going to help you all that much in my opinion (and if it does, you won't know how to diet to stay lean once you stop taking it).

    Start lifting heavier weights. Lifting light weight lots of times is a great time waster but is not going to help you get toned. Tone refers to tension in a relaxed muscle, which you'll accomplish through heavy lifting, a good diet and high intensity cardio.


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