Article: Are We Close To Exercise In A Pill?

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    Article: Are We Close To Exercise In A Pill?

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    *Possible side effects include: sudden heart failure, chance of lung failure, and impaired brain function.

    The benefits of exercise are multifarious, whereas the effects of drugs are limited in scope and always come with unwanted side effects. The very idea that exercise can be replaced by drugs is ludicrous on the face of it.
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    What happened to old fashioned hard work and moving iron..... Lazy bastards

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    Can I take it on my off days?! Lol

    This is retarded. How bout working on a cure for diseases rather then this bs (especially std's that plague 1 outa 3 so gettin laid isn't sorry worrisome!) Bunch of lazy fit lookin fukers walking around while I bust my ass to look this way. I don't think so.
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    These "drugs" are designed to treat illness and disease etc, its as they are developed of course that when these findings come to the surface. The money is made in the early days by the health and fitness markets. Thereby providing good cash injection into further research....

    however.... In order to achieve this " exercise in a pill" benefits you need compounds that activate PPAR and AMPk

    I have my athletes use a combo of 3g of resveratrol and 1g of rhodiola rosea and 200mg of Q10

    Type in this compounds with either PPAR or AMPk activation into google,, and you will see.

    It's those two systems that 501516 is aimed at stiming


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