Article: Obesity Linked To OCD

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    Article: Obesity Linked To OCD

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    Oh dear. A 400 lbs man who compulsively organizes his French fries from MacDonalds. RESEARCH THIS FAST!

    in all seriousness I'm looking forward to more research on ocd but obesity is not a disorder or a disease. The risk factors associated with obesity can be reduced with weight loss. /sigh.

    I would like to see how behavior is when things are put back into balance. I fear the psychological effects may persist. This is just my way of thinking though.
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    This is interesting. I do notice a common factor between people that have OC tendencies as well as eating issues. I have OC tendencies as well and I tend to struggle with keeping my diet on point... And I KNOW how i need to eat. It takes more than just willpower and others won't understand that easily. I hope to see more info and research done on this too.

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