Article: Food Taxes To Change Habits

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    Article: Food Taxes To Change Habits

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    I would hope if anything like that were implemented here, the tax revenue from junk would be applied to decreasing the price of healthy options. While a bag of potatoe chips may be a ****ty snack and a sin tax of sorts would discourage its purchase, lots of american families simply can't afford lean meats, fruits, veggies and whole grains at every meal and snack time and increasing the price of cheaper alternatives to dissuade purchase will only remove food from tables where it's a struggle to provide enough calories, let alone worry about macros, sodium and additives in general.
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    Taxing impoverished overweight and unhealthy people with terrible diets is never going to solve anything. This is a war of ideas, and diets will not change until you win the mind.

    Don't compromise with legislators if this comes up in your state or nation. Zero tolerance for tax on food!

    Think about how this could spill over into supplements. All the sudden you're paying double for D Aspartic Acid because some idiot says it gave him gyno on Dr. Oz.

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    Food taxes will never work, it comes down to reeducation. Our last few generations have been told you don't have time to cook, just buy pre made and reheat, and with each new generation that way of thinking is just getting stronger.

    Me and my wife spend tops 300 bucks a months on groceries, barely any of that money goes to pre made foods(I buy bread). We both work full time so on my day off I cook large dinners and we eat that throughout the week. Every two weeks we go produce shopping at a market 15 min from home, we spend 50 bucks and get 2 to 3 time the amount of produce you can at a big box store. I say this not to ramble but to explain healthy eating can be done, it just takes an extra 2 to 3 hours of your weeks. Get off Facebook grab a real cookbook (no stupid celeb chefs) and learn how to eat right.
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