Article: Don't Always Train To Failure

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    Article: Don't Always Train To Failure

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    Good article. Will def try this
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    One key factor to max effort training is frequency though. Max effort is a legitimate method.

    The article mentions HIT style training and you can't legitimately critique high intensity training with assumedly high volume check points.

    if one would actually look up HIT protocols (Arthur Jones-Nautilus/Ellington Darden/Mike Mentzer - Heavy Duty) they would find recommendations to begin with sessions three times per week, regressing to 2 sessions weekly as gains progress, and stall.

    One piece of advice does not fit all lifters. There are multiple hypertrophy avenues to explore and each has its own best practice, what works in one doesn't necessarily work in another. More accurately, the article should've mentioned high volume routines where lifters go to failure again and again.

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