Article: MSM For Workout Recovery

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    Article: MSM For Workout Recovery

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    I've supplemented with MSM for about 2 years now.

    Had hurt my left forearm, possible tendons. Had been advised to try MSM for this.
    I don't know if it was just time or if the MSM did help with my left forearm healing.
    I THINK MSM played a part in providing what was necessary for the regenerating the different types of tissues what were necessary for the recovery.
    But I'm no scientist.

    But I did find that it helped with my sore joints.
    I don't have to be a scientist to tell you my joints feel better when I'm using MSM than when I'm not.
    To a point my skin seemed to regenerate faster, my nails grow so dam fast it seems like I'm trimming them all the time and my hair grows faster. No it does not grow hair where you use to have it. Just makes what you have grow faster and a little thicker.

    I've used 1 to 3 gram dosages and for me 3 grams did not seem to have any different effect than 1 gram.
    I used a dosages of 3 grams a day of MSM for at least 6 months maybe a year before I realized that 1 gram a day seemed to be enough for me.

    MSM is cheep I'd advise looking into it!!
    “Just be advised that the above information posted is not medical advice and should only be used for fun and entertainment.”

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