Article: The Value Of Goblet Squats

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    Article: The Value Of Goblet Squats

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    Love these exercises. Do them in high reps after heavy back squats & dead lifts. Why?

    - Really pump your legs
    - DB under the chin makes good form - chin up, straight back, deep drop - easy
    - No pressure on my knees like back squats
    - holding 100 lb DB under your chin is also a GREAT workout for core (to stay stable) and lats and upper back. Try it once and you'll see
    - Fantastic conditioning. Knock out 15 reps at weight and tell me you don't feel like you just did back-to-back wind sprints
    - Hilarious when you get your buds to try for the first time :)
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    My new go-to for legs is high rep backsquats superset with goblet squats. Absolutely brutal mixing these two together!

    Today: 135 X 30 reps
    60lb X 25 reps
    - 4 sets -

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    Tried these on leg day after back squats and they give a super pump. You can really go deep in the bucket which will eventually help next time I squat.

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