Article: Pro Bodybuilders And Stomach Distension Part 2

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    Article: Pro Bodybuilders And Stomach Distension Part 2

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    I thoroughly disagree with some of the nutritional aspects of hodybuilding diets. While it is true- I do not eat much fruit, most of the carbs I (and any serious lifter) would eat is whole grains and starchy carbs that are unrefined, like sweet potatoes.

    I eat 3500 - 4000 calories per day and bring in about 40-50g fiber daily. Thats twice as much as the average american. The stomach pokes because its full.
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    TURTLE BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any body who lifts seriously and eats enough has had this problem.

    I dont really think its all that aestetically unpleasing, but to each its own. I kinda like it when I do a side pose and see bulging abs. just me though!

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