Article: Carbs And Weight Gain

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    Article: Carbs And Weight Gain

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    I lost 110 pounds on strict low-carb (Atkins-style). I've kept off 90 of it for ten years.

    Some things I know...

    Calories matter. Maybe not in the first month, but after that I weighed every portion and counted every calorie. It took one year. The Atkins nut bars will try to tell you otherwise. Don't listen. You have to eat enough to keep the metabolism running for a deficit at your weight. Too low, and the body shuts off.

    Fat in food really doesn't matter UNTIL you combine it with sugar. I eat normal fat, a lot of cheese, nuts, fish, proteins, but no grains, no bread, pasta, potatoes, and never sugar.

    You CAN lose without exercise, BUT I ended up weak and scrawny. In the past six months, I've started weight training and cardio; every other day, an hour of each. I'm not losing any weight, but the lumps and bumps are moving around.

    I do believe the part about low-carb affecting stress hormones and inflammation. Could be that I'm ten years older, but the stress of carrying that much weight for that many years has caught up with my back and knees.

    Skin sucks. I've made some good progress with the weights, but the bottom line is that the loose skin I've been cultivating for years is not going away. The love handles were there when I was 5-6 and 250 and they are there when I am 5-6 and 160. My body is what it is, so instead of getting depressed that I don't look the gym warriors on the machines across from me, I use those guys as motivation to get my crap together but accept that my abs are what they are!

    THE BIG can NEVER, EVER, EVER go back to eating the way you used to. People think if they lose a bunch of weight, they're done. NO! Overeating is a type of addiction, and you can't turn it on and off. The year to lose my weight was intense but pretty easy. The last nine years have been WAY harder!
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    I am tired of all the articles on carbs ... First of all why talking about refined carbs cause if you in to weight lifting for life you know better not to eat that ****
    so every damn article is talking about bad carbs which we all know they bad ... so what is new????????????????????

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