Article: Heart Rate Training

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    Article: Heart Rate Training

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    Very interesting article. Long read, but well worth it.

    Lthlete isn't in the iPhone app store. Bioforce hrv's app is out but it says needs external hardware, see website for details and then the website says preorder only. So any recommendations for an iPhone user or do we need to just wait.

    Also is a 7-10 day recovery period really necessary to do a baseline. I was thinking of a 4-5 day at most. I generally feel like a pos if I don't do any physical activity for only 2 days.

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    As the inventor of ithlete, I would just like to point out that ithlete does (and has always) included detection of parasympathetic over-reaching, and these warnings have been refined over the 3 years ithlete has been available based on user feedback.
    I would also like to respond to the other comments to add that ithlete is available in both the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Thanks!

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