Yok3d is amazing!!

  1. Yok3d is amazing!!

    Just want to say im impressed by the yok. Been taking it twice so far and love it. Must have hit the sweetspot direct which for me was 2 h pwo. It allmost gives me a on-feeling and the pump is like im still on phera and stays all day in a nice way. Nice work Usp;-) By the way Im 210 And so far only took 3, tomorrow 4!!


  2. Cool, Im sure the usp guys are glad to hear it, if you feel like it, post again in like 2 weeks or so, just update for us on how things are going, I just want to see how you feel after you've been using it for a while.
    PHF Rep


  3. So far ive been doin 5 workouts all with the sam result. The pump is amazing. The only thing ive noticed is that I dont feel a difference between 3 and 4 capsules. Will try 5 next wo but if its not sick I will stick to 3 and make it last longer.

    What I find really remarkable is that for the last 4 weeks Ive pulsed P-plex at 30 mgs pwo. Now Im running Restore with 10 mgs of nolva and the on-feeling allmost stayed intact and the pumps´and strength the same. And p-plex really pump me up both strength and pump-wise. And

    Report again after 5 caps:-)


  4. Sounds good, I'll be waiting for your reply.
    PHF Rep



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