P-Popping has never been this good!

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    Today was chest and tri day. My lifting partner left me in the wind, and told me that he couldn't lift anymore due to whatever reason. so I worked with db's today. Lifts all felt great! found myself able to push past my normal limits. Felt great after my normal weights so I went ahead and decided to blast my bi's and delts again. MAN I PUMP IS SO INTENSE! its like my arms are hanging a foot away from my body, and I could barely stretch out because my muscles were so exploded! it will be interesting to see if I'm sore tomorrow as many people have reported that they are recovering faster than normal....

    Did an hour of cardio post weights, lightly jogged 4 miles. felt great....

    Tomorrow marks one week on these little pinkies. Will post a review.

    Btw: does anyone know how you can do bench when you don't have a spotter? just use the smith machine? or is there another way without having to ask someone to spot me? Thanks.

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    Pin Press in the power rack: set the pins low enough so the bar is on or just above your chest at the bottom of your ROM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Pin Press in the power rack: set the pins low enough so the bar is on or just above your chest at the bottom of your ROM.
    I like this idea... Or just don't miss... : )
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