P-Popping has never been this good!

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    2 caps 3 times a day with food
    And fats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by testiesac View Post
    And fats?
    fat not food kidding

  3. Talking DAY 1

    Day 1

    Today was leg endurance day! the goal to smash my legs into submission.

    45mins pre w/o
    1 cap x-lean (which in my opinion is the perfect cortisol control because it has two actives...whereas the other ones on the market only have one of the two, like suppress-c, or lean xtreme)
    1 scoop muscle marinade----stuff is outta this world crazy!

    During W/O
    2 scoops sizeon precontest because I have 30 or so bottles of it, may as well.
    2 scoops PurplE WrAAth, because I love my BCAA's

    After Cardio
    1 scoop of ON's new hydrowhey, because I have about a million and a half samples.

    Meal after W/O
    1 tbsp fish oil
    1/4 cup almonds
    40g of whey casein blend.

    10 min warm up cardio
    I don't know what you call it, but I do lunges back and forth for the length of the basketball court with 40lb db per arm. After each full court of lunges I do 5 clean and jerks I think they are called with the db's.

    Repeat that four times with one minute rest between lunge sets.

    30lb per leg, leg extension x 50 reps, x 45 reps, x 40 reps 30 second rest between set.

    30lb per leg, leg curl x 50 reps, x 45 reps, x 40 reps 30 second rest between set.

    SLDL @ 100lb x10, 120 x10, 130 x10 135X6... soley for the strech. I stand on a 4inch box.

    1 hour on the ellipictal, the ones with hands and legs. level 10.

    lots and lots of streching.

    great w/o. cant wait to see what pink magic does to my strength, and endurance. tomorrow I'm gonna be so sore! not just from the w/o, but also because I have to take care of this chick, she's screaming my name! can't you hear it?

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  4. Morning cardio session felt good 1 hour on the elliptical. shoulders and traps coming on this afternoon.

    Been taking the Pink goodness for three days now, still really sore from my friday w/o. but my muscles seem alot fuller and I am noticing more prominent vascularity on my arms. which is a very nice thing....

    Will report back after my weights session later.

  5. Hey guys today when I was doing deads, I seemed to have superhuman strength! felt strong got through 2 more reps at the end. same 1 hour of cardio. Not noticing anything on the recovery side yet. like some posters. but my pump I get during my w/o's have been lasting all day, yesterday and today. muscles seem harder, almost like they are tight and ready to cramp, but they haven't. they feel like a rock...its awesome!

    word of note, I do not know the ingredients on this product or anything like that. but the last three days I've had basically nonstop boners I mean damn! I was ready for round 2, then 3 with the wife much much faster than normal....don't know if its related to these magically pinkies, just wanted to make the observation.

    tomorrow is just a cardio day.... Pink magic is definitely doing something magical to me!

  6. Today was chest and tri day. My lifting partner left me in the wind, and told me that he couldn't lift anymore due to whatever reason. so I worked with db's today. Lifts all felt great! found myself able to push past my normal limits. Felt great after my normal weights so I went ahead and decided to blast my bi's and delts again. MAN I PUMP IS SO INTENSE! its like my arms are hanging a foot away from my body, and I could barely stretch out because my muscles were so exploded! it will be interesting to see if I'm sore tomorrow as many people have reported that they are recovering faster than normal....

    Did an hour of cardio post weights, lightly jogged 4 miles. felt great....

    Tomorrow marks one week on these little pinkies. Will post a review.

    Btw: does anyone know how you can do bench when you don't have a spotter? just use the smith machine? or is there another way without having to ask someone to spot me? Thanks.

  7. Pin Press in the power rack: set the pins low enough so the bar is on or just above your chest at the bottom of your ROM.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    Pin Press in the power rack: set the pins low enough so the bar is on or just above your chest at the bottom of your ROM.
    I like this idea... Or just don't miss... : )
    \\ USPlabs Alpha Ginger //


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