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  1. USPlabs PowerFULL - F.A.Q and Info

    USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    I. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Frequently Asked Questions by Mulletsoldier

    II. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Frequently Asked Questions: References

    III. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Product Write-Up

    IV. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Customer Testimonials

    V. USPLabs PowerFULL™ (Mucuna Info, Non PowerFull Specific by Mulletsoldier)

    VI. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Ingredients and Dosing

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  2. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    I. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Frequently Asked Questions by Mulletsoldier

    PowerFULL, there could not be a more fitting name for a product. Fitting because it contains ingredients so POWERFULL that they outperform their synthetic counterparts in clinical trials; fitting, because the whole product is so POWERFULL that it has become one of our best sellers without any marketing; fitting, because it is so POWERFULL that customers go from responders to devoted followers once the product begins working. Believe it or not however, USP Labs had no intention of mass-producing PowerFULL upon its creation. It was simply a pet-project that our CEO kept for himself and showed his friends. However, after a small test-release the response was so great that it demanded production. We responded then, and so did you, and PowerFULL become a top-seller at retailers across the internet. Well, now we at USP Labs feel it’s time to give PowerFULL a formal introduction via a long overdue FAQ (we make killer products and rhyme!)

    How Does PowerFULL Work?

    PureDOPA, containing an extract of Mucuna Pruriens induces an increase in endogenous (natural) LevaDopa production that vastly outperforms synthetic LevaDopa with 110% higher peak concentrations, 165% longer peak concentrations, and an onset time around 50% shorter [1]. LD itself then leads to an increase in natural Growth Hormone production which research has shown to be staggering, even in healthy, normal subjects.[3, 4]. Research has also shown that this increase is most likely occurring by way of LD-induced hypothalamtic GHRH (growth hormone releasing hormone) production [2, 4].

    If the GH Increase Came From Synthetic L-DOPA, How Does PowerFULL Compare?

    It is true the increases of plasma GHRH and GH [1,2,3,4] have been noted as a result of synthetic L-DOPA administration. However, Mucuna P., has demonstrated an efficacy at raising L-DOPA (with its subsequent effect on GHRH and GH) of twice to three times that of synthetic L-DOPA [1, 6, 7]. This increase in effectiveness stems from Mucuna most likely possessing either independent L-DOPA enhancing adjuvents, or possibly containing inherent decarboxylase inhibitors [6. 7. 8]. The latter scenario is likely as Dopamine and its metabolites have not been found in the nigrostriatal tract after Mucuna administration [8], as well as a lack of dyskensia in Parkinson’s patients [1] and lack of side-effects in normal patients [3]. This data is indicative of a lack of Dopaminergic transmission in peripheral tissues.

    I Have Read L-DOPA Has Some Unwanted Side-Effects, What About PowerFULL?

    Synthetic L-DOPA has been noted to have many adverse side-effects including hypertension, dyskenisia (uncontrollable movement), dizziness, nausea, and so on. However, Mucuna has not shown these same side-effects in Parkinson’s patients [1], and L-DOPA administration has not displayed these same side-effects in healthy, normal subjects [2, 3].

    What About Natural Dopamine Production, Doesn’t L-DOPA Decrease That?

    Along with the above side-effects, synthetic L-DOPA has been shown to have damaging effects to dopamine ions in the region of the brain most responsible for dopamine transmission (the substantia nigra). This can lead to an aggregate decrease in endogenous
    dopamine production. However, Mucuna has been shown to have neuro-restorative effects, actually increasing levels of serotonin, dopamine, levadopa, and norepinephrine [9]. This is most likely due to a more efficient transmission of dopamine, and Mucuna containing NADH and COQ-10, both powerfull neurorestorative compounds [9. 10].

    So You’re Saying Even as a Health Adult, PowerFULL Will Affect Me?

    Yes. As shown Mucuna is vastly more effective than synthetic L-DOPA at raising L-DOPA and Dopamine levels [1, 6, 7], and also has been administered to health adults with success [5]. Coupled with the research in healthy, normal adults as it pertains to synthetic L-DOPA administration [2. 3. 4], and PowerFULL being standardized to 50% L-DOPA, the research is overwhelmingly positive.

    Alright, I Believe PowerFULL Competes With Synthetic L-DOPA, So What? What Can I Expect?

    -increased protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass
    -increased lipolysis
    -blood glucose regulation
    -greater focus/intensity/drive
    -improved sleep and complexion
    -increase in mental clarity
    -increase in libido and erectile function

    Will Eating Carbohydrates Near My PowerFULL Dose Negate the GH Rise?

    Yes. As Aljouni et al., displayed, administering glucose with or within half-an-hour of L-DOPA negates the expected GH release. In order to take full effect of the GH rise from PowerFULL it is best to space your PowerFULL an hour away from carbohydrates.

    What Products Should I Avoid With PowerFULL?

    While any supplement regime should be discussed with a physician when one is using prescribed medicine, there have not been many contraindications noted with Mucuna that would effect commonly used supplements. As long as PowerFULL is dosed an hour separate from carbohydrates or Insulin-potentiators, it will be effective.

    How Long Until I See Some Positive Effects?

    Based off estimates from the research coupled with anecdotal reports, PowerFULL’s effects should begin to take hold anywhere from 7-10 days after the first dosage. It is important however, to ensure proper dosing is occurring.

    How Long Will The Effects Last?

    Because of the body’s adaptability to natural elements, there is a finite curve under which Mucuna/PowerFULL will induce Dopamine/GH release. While we are unsure exactly how long it will remain effect for, it is probably best to use PowerFULL in cycles of 4-6 weeks, with 2-4 week breaks to ensure effectiveness.

    I Am Underage, Is It Okay For Me To Take PowerFULL?


    Is PowerFULL safe for women?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    A misconception surrounding Testosterone supplementation and women, are unfortunate masculinizing effects; in reality, Testosterone is a necessary component of the steroidogenesis pathway for women as well: It is the immediate precursor for Oestrogen, and contributes to functioning libidos, increased mental clarity and mood, as well as endurance and strength. In actuality, Testosterone supplementation is becoming a more accepted practice for young women utilizing oral contraceptives; in this respect, they are attenuating some of the libido-diminishing effects of oral contraceptives, and the mood deficiencies produced by that classification of pharmaceuticals.

    More specifically to you, PowerFULL may significantly contribute to lipolysis (the hydrolyzation of stored triglycerides into fatty acids chains into the blood stream) vis-a-vis two mechanisms; a) the immediate and prominent increase in endogenous (natural) GH production associated with L-DOPA supplementation. GH directly regulates processes of lipolysis, and synthetic L-DOPA supplementation has been shown to elicit GH peak-point from baseline increases equal to injecting 3IUs of synthetic GH; in respects to natural vs., synthetic preparation, relevant literature postulates natural L-DOPA sources (such as those found in PFULL) are anywhere from 3-5x more powerfull at modulating the Dopaminergic pathway; b) the direct increase in natural Testosterone production associated with both Mucuna Pruriens, and L-DOPA (L-DOPA inhibits prolactin which thereby increases Testosterone). I realize that Testosterone is slightly intimidating to women, but there is no research available which displays a causative link between Test., and the masculinization of feminine features.
    Cessation of PowerFULL supplementation is advised during pregnancy and breast feeding.

    Is PowerFULL Best Used for Bulking Or Cutting?

    The ingredients in PowerFULL induce metabolic processes which are conducive to both muscle gain and fat loss. On a cut, increased protein synthesis and REM sleep will help to preserve muscle, while increased lipolysis will aid in fat gain; on the converse, these same effects aid in gaining quality muscle with lessened fat gain on a bulk. user 'Disciple83': Has anyone experienced or heard of either PowerFULL or A/P changing your mood?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    Mucuna P. (PowerFULL) not only increases endogenous GH, but replenishes levels of other neuropeptides and neurotransmitters as well; most notably, dopamine, and serotonin. This leads to a neurostimulative effect, raising mood, awareness, coordination, and so on. The lack of this 'boost', may be what you are experiencing. However, with that being said, you may want to consult a physician, as the cessation of PowerFULL should not cause depression.

    PowerFULL is made of two components: PureSAP an extract of the cholorophytum plant, used for its ability to mimic Testosterone - primarily, a triterpene saponin "Stigmasterol" whose chemical structure is nearly identical to Testosterone. And PureDOPA an extract of Mucuna Pruriens, which has shown independent ability to increase endogenous Testosterone, as well as increase endogenous GHRH/GH, via levodopa.

    Now, you asked which would be a better dosage, Pre-WO (which would maximize Chlorophytum's Test-mimicking effect, and reap Dopaminergic benefits) or Pre-Bed (which would induce the GH release sought after by purchasing Mucuna); the differing dosages would deliver mutually exclusive effects. So, I told you that would depend primarily on your goals. I.e., do you want the product for awareness, motor awareness (mind-to-muscle connection), and endurance (Pre-WO), or for rest and rejuvenation (Pre-Bed). user 'rxp1997': What is latest and greatest powerfull dosing scheme?

    Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet
    5 days on, 2 off. 2 before bed, 3 before WO user 'fitnecise': How about the special standaradization of PowerFULL?

    Mulletsolder: I've listed numerous times on this site how much % of Mucuna is LevaDopa. Which isn't taking into account the other natural phytos within MP which cause a greater amount of LD to cross the blood brain barrier than simply synthetic LD. As well, a simple search would have turned this up:

    Quote Originally Posted by USPlabs
    I can source a 98% natural l-dopa. Before our MP hits the R&D lab to concentrate the 1-c, we use a 75% natural l-dopa extract. Once the science is completed, we have a 50% l-dopa. user 'fitnecise': We don't know the dose since you put it in a propriety blend...

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    I am unsure if you are referring to the L-Dopa dose, or the dose of our extraction which contains L-Dopa. However, to answer both shortly, I have also shown numerous times that MP's L-Dopa content is much more potent to a concurrent synthetic L-Dopa dose. I.e., far less MP is needed to achieve the 500mg L-Dopa dosages in the study. Even in a proprietary matrix, with the standardization info above, there is by far enough natural L-Dopa to produce the effects of the 500mg synthetic sample. user 'datBtrue': How long do you think that it is possible to heep GH elevated w/ L-Dopa or Powerfull? Is this a short term effect or do you think w/ consistent dosing it will have a sustained propensity to keep GH elevated for say a three month period?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    It is hard to say. If you review the studies, the L-Dopa did raise it far above basal levels for the given period. However, none of them were long-term enough to determine if the suggested increase was durational. I will investigate the MOA's further and try and have a more in-depth answer.
    Quote Originally Posted by USPlabs
    The increase in research was 90-120 minutes than returned to baseline. user 'datBtrue': Forget the science, just based on your own opinion do you think that GH can be spiked at a particular time, say post workout w/ a large dose of powerfull? or are we talking about a slower cumulative buildup effect?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier
    It is a spike, however post-workout would be counterproductive to the product (insulin release).

    There is not a cumulative build up. HGH increases and returns to normal. The increase in HGH will have a cumulative effect on recovery.
    Quote Originally Posted by USPlabs
    The best way to use PowerFULL is:
    1. 30 minutes before fasted Morning Cardio
    2. Before sleep
    3. 10-30 minutes before workout (based off the research that natural l-dopa reaches peak concentrations in 32 minutes so HGH).
    4. 1 hour after eating a meal.

    Glucose (insulin) will kill the HGH response and glucose metabolism of a meal is 1 hour. For example, if you are drinking carbohydrates during workouts then do not use Powerfull. If you are using carbohydrates 1 hour pre workout, you should take PowerFULL about 10 minutes before workout. If you are using PowerFULL between meals, you should dose it 1 hour after the meal and this will allow HGH to peak inbetween meals and return to baseline just in time for your next meal.
    What's the point of taking the 1-2 days off per week?

    The two days allows for a "break" from supplementation and may offer a slight "rebound" effect after the break. The break is optional.
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  3. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    II. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Frequently Asked Questions: Resources

    [1] Mucuna pruriens in Parkinson's disease: a double blind clinical and pharmacological study. Katzenschlager R, et al.

    [2] L-dopa stimulates release of hypothalamic growth hormone-releasing hormone in humans. K Chihara, et al.

    [3]Intravenous levodopa administration in humans based on a two-compartment kinetic model. Mollie Gordon, et al.

    [4] Effect of oral administration of L-dopa on the plasma levels of growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) in normal subjects and patients with various endocrine and metabolic diseases. Mitsuhashi S, et al.

    [5] Bioavailability of L-DOPA from HP-200 - a Formulation of Seed Powder of Mucuna pruriens (Bak): a Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study. S.Mahajani et al.,

    [6] Mucuna pruriens proves more effective than L-DOPA in Parkinson's disease animal model. Ghazala Hussian, Bala V. Manyam

    [7] Beans (Mucuna Pruriens) For Parkinsons Disease:An Herbal Alternative. Bala V. Manyam, M.D.,

    [8] Effect of antiparkinson drug HP-200 (Mucuna pruriens) on the central monoaminergic neurotransmitters. Bala V. Manyam et al.,

    [9] Neuroprotective effects of the antiparkinson drug Mucuna pruriens. Manywam et al.,

    [10] Protecting Axonal Degeneration by Increasing Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide Levels in Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Models. Shinjiro Kaneko, et al.
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  4. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    III. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Official Product Write-Up

    DISGUSTING Side Effects, THOUSANDS of Dollars, And Possible JAIL Time...
    Why Even Bother With Black Market Growth Hormone When Theres A Safe, Natural Compound That Increases Growth Hormone A Whopping 221% From The Very First Dose?

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, youve certainly seen the overwhelming media attention over Pro Athletes injecting Human Growth Hormone (HGH)... It almost seems like if you dont use HGH you've got no shot against everyone who is...

    Why are so MANY Pro Athletes risking their career, reputation & chance at immortality (not to mention dropping $50,000 - $100,000 a pop) by using HGH?

    Quite frankly, because it works like no other compound on the planet! Nothing builds huge rock-hard muscle and strips fat like HGH does...

    But of course the government, media and general public HATE when athletes cheat so the DEA is busting HGH dealers like theyre slinging crack rock

    The good news is you dont have to break the law to enjoy all of the benefits of HGH...

    If you would like to experience the awesome muscle building, fat burning effects that Human Growth Hormone provides, but you dont want to spend thousands, risk jail time or nasty side effects... or stick yourself with a needle every day... then youve come to the right place...

    I know youre rolling your eyes right now saying Is this another Growth Hormone product that claims the world but does nothing? I dont blame you. Ive been ripped off as many times as you have... hoping, praying and wanting to believe the awesome effects of Growth Hormone can be had in a pill or powder...

    Id lost all hope until our researchers sent me a sample of what is now known as PowerFULL™. Man, this stuff is like every mans dream... More Muscle and More Sex!!!

    Heres what PowerFULL™ can do for you from the very first dose

    * Naturally Increase Growth Hormone Production By 221%**!
    * Drastically increase sex drive and libido!
    * Improve Complexion Through HGH Regeneration Clear, Glowing Skin!
    * Dramatically Improve Sleep Quality - Sleep Like A Baby!
    * Massive Strength & Size!
    * Engineered Extract is 100% safe with zero side effects***!

    But dont believe me, believe the independent Third-Party Research which is totally unbiased and only uncovers the FACTS (unlike paid research by some supplement companies)...

    PowerFULL™ is the only natural HGH supplement that isn't bull****...

    Heres the proof...


    In a study by Lin & Tucci* the average increase of HGH was 12mg/m... lwhich is like injecting 5 IUs of synthetic HGH - (which is a huge load of HGH and would cost you thousands of dollars a month!).

    That was only the average... Now check out the above-average...

    In the same study, a good amount of the HEALTHY test subjects (not old, sick hospital patients) had an increase of 40ng/ml... which is like injection a WHOPPING 15IUs of synthetic HGH - Again, off the charts and would cost you thousands each month.

    DO NOT BELIEVE ME just look up the reference below as the studies do not lie...

    In a completely different study performed by Greenspan**, one ingredient in PowerFULL™ was shown to increase HGH production by an incredible 221%!

    This proves without a shadow of a doubt PowerFULL™ contains all-natural organic ingredients that rival the effects of synthetic Human Growth Hormone!

    In addition, these levels are substantially higher than those seen with GHB, the notoriously famous drug, which had a large, cult-like following many years ago for its supposed ability to decrease fat mass, amongst other things...

    Again, this is THIRD PARTY research using HEALTHY MEN so the results are solid as a freakin rock...


    PowerFULLs ingredients reach the blood stream 100% faster, proved to be 110% higher and lasted 165% longer!**


    In addition, the 100% organic ingredients in PowerFULL™ have been proven extremely safe an effective, unlike synthetic Growth Hormone or synthetic L-dopa.***


    PowerFULL™ is another Engineered Extract from USPlabs. This means the exact ingredients that elicit such powerful (no pun intended!) results are guaranteed in every single capsule. As with any natural product the extract is the critical. Get the extract wrong and youll be swallowing dirt. PowerFULL™ has guaranteed potency in every capsule.

    If you truly want to experience the awesome effects of GH, plus the great sexual benefits, but dont want to be a pin cushion or Bubbas girlfriend in the slammer, I suggest you order now while supplies are in stock...


    Jacob Geissler

    P.S. Look at what these satisfied users of PowerFULL had to say…
    P.P.S. Over the last year, PowerFULL has developed such a cult-like following that it has become a best-seller on multiple retail websites - without our company spending a single dime on advertising! Do you have any idea just how hard that is? It’s virtually impossible…unless the product kicks major ass.

    The only way to become a best-selling supplement without advertising is for friends to tell friends about how great the product is…and for those people to continue using the product and re-ordering…over and over again. That’s the only way it could happen…And who would recommend a product to their friend if it didn’t work? Nobody.

    Since we secured a reliable source of PowerFULL's rare ingredients the world is beginning to learn about how effective PowerFULL is through the pages of the major Boduybuilding magazines and various forums...Get PowerFULL now and experience the magic of Natural Growth Hormone release..

    No doubt you’ve seen the products that claim to be HGH boosters. They promise the world,
    • Scientifically showen to increase natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production by at least 221% in just one dose!
    • Significantly increase natural Testosterone production by at least 53%!
    • Dramatically increase quality of sleep.
    • Significantly increase endurance.
    • Get more out of each hour of sleep - Feel better on less sleep!
    • Improves skin tone through regeneration - Unlike ProHormones and Steroids that destroy your skin, PowerFULL will improve complexion - Another clear reason you’re naturally producing large amounts of HGH!
    • Increases blood flow.
    • Helps restore natural hormonal production after a cycle of steroids or pro-hormones.
    • Greatly enhanced Mind/Muscle connection - by increasing dopamine, the dopamine neurons of the brain are activated that are essential for normal movement and sensori-motor integration. Improves athletic movements and increase contractile strength with weight training.

    How We Improved PowerFULL
    When PowerFULL first came out you would have to take 12-15 capsules per day in order to receive the benefits. While most didn’t mind because they were feeling (and looking) so great, let’s face it – it’s a pain in the ass to take 15 capsules of anything every day.

    But, since PowerFULL worked so well we didn’t want to change the formula.

    Then, a few months ago, the ingredients in PowerFULL became extremely rare. So rare in fact, that we had to discontinue PowerFULL completely!

    Obviously, our very loyal users were not happy. However, I believe that in every problem lies a greater opportunity.

    With help from the best herbal research scientists in the world, Striviti Research (we have worldwide exclusive rights to their research), we were not only able to find a reliable source for the raw ingredients in PowerFULL, but we improved the extraction process so much that now you only need 3-4 capsules a day to equal 12-15 of the old formula!

    It’s the best of both worlds!

    **************** now has PowerFULL back in stock and ready to ship.

    PowerFULL comes with our 100% money back guarantee. If PowerFULL doesn’t work send back your empty bottles and I will personally send you your money back. Do you think I would offer this guarantee if PowerFULL didn’t work? Of course I wouldn’t…


    Jacob Geissler
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  5. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    IV. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Product Testimonials

    “While on PowerFULL, the gym transforms into a war zone. Each workout is approached with an intensity and desire to lift; not with a jittery, over-stimulated effect, but with a focused and determined hunger. In addition, I slept great and my libido shot through the roof -- both positive "side effects." PowerFULL is a unique supplement; I have yet to experience anything else like it.”
    Josh Niemi - Bourbonnais, IL
    “PowerFULL helped me pump out those extra reps in the gym and acted as a great lactic acid buffer. My strength shot up and my LBM also increased. One of the coolest effects of PowerFULL is the sleep- you have the most vibrant and vivid dreams ever. Definitely an awesome supplement to include in any stack. Highly recommended!”
    Justin Hayward - Milton, MA
    "I have used over 6 bottles of PowerFULL at this point and I have to say that nothing gives me the pumps and recovery like it does. Additionally the increase in libido is phenomenal. I have to say that of all the natural products out there nothing compares to PowerFULL for an increased sense of overall well being."
    Matt Vaccarelli - Brookline, MA
    “When I started taking PowerFULL I was in a full fledged slump in the weight room. Literally after the first week, weights that I had been struggling with started feeling easy. I am definitely a believer in PowerFULL and USP Labs.”
    Mike Stabile - Hatfield, PA
    “I'll admit, I was skeptical at first...but 4 weeks and +35 lbs on the bench later, I'm a PowerFULL believer. USP is by far the most efficient supplement company out there. I’m a customer for life.”

    “P.S. I was going to do a testimonial for Anabolic Pump but the feeling it gives me defies words. You guys are truly amazing.”
    Erik Smalek - Kalamazoo, MI
    “I love PowerFULL. I just came off a 6 week cycle, my libido was way down and so was my strength. I followed my 4 weeks of PCT, but never really felt 100%. In a matter of 3 days on PowerFULL, my libido was back. So were the pumps and my strength is steadily increasing. I truly love this stuff. I can’t wait to stack the new powerfull with Anabolic-Pump!”
    Kristofer Spruell - House Springs, Missouri 63051 - "Kristofer68SS" on
    "PowerFULL is the best natural testosterone booster I've ever used and I’ve used them all. I manage a large retail store and I have actually turned customers away and sent them to USPlabs website. I actually keep more of my customers this way, because they see how great it is and then they know that I’m knowledgeable and truthful. PowerFULL gives me the best libido, strength increases, and sleep of my life and that’s why I’ve bought 31 bottles since its release.”

    “PS: I’d be happy to give you my bank account number and you can just give me a big hefty discount and sent me every product you release. Seriously though, USPlabs is the best supplement company and second isn’t even close. Thanks for the great products and customer service. I tested both mega dosed SuperCissus Rx and Anabolic-Pump and you definitely changed the face of supplementation with both.”
    Miles Brantley - North Augusta, South Carolina 29841 – username “Ugab3737”
    “PowerFULL gave me AMAZING pumps at the gym and increases in strength. Best of all - I lost a half inch on my waist and gained muscle (for example - 1" increase in chest size). Awesome supplement for recomposition effects!”
    Jared Henry - Baton Rouge, LA
    “PowerFULL is a great all around supplement. You get noticeable results, I sleep better I am stronger in the gym and my muscles feel fuller. This is def a supplement that can take you to the next level.”
    Nick Wojciechowski – Philadelphia, Pa
    “I'd like to say PowerFULL really does work as it raises my natural test levels. It also helps me get a better night’s rest, which everybody knows is crucial to the recovery process when trying to add muscle. I've tried other products, but I keep coming back to this one. I can honestly say this is one of the most powerfull (pun intended) supplements I've ever used.”
    Dan Truss - Anniston, Alabama
    “I've been using PowerFULL for about a month and a half to help me recover my strength after a significant time off due to an injury. It does everything it claims to. I went up significantly in strength on several lifts, had better rest, put on a bit more muscle, and had a an attitude of confidence throughout the day. PowerFULL works."
    Thomas Stringer - Sandy, Utah
    “I'm really pleased to say that PowerFULL not only helped to pick up my libido after a less than stellar Superdrol cycle, but it helped to correct my dismal sleeping patterns. Pumps in the gym are strong, recovery is excellent and libido is finally steady again!!”
    Dustin Watson – BC, Canada
    “PowerFULL is the number one staple in my arsenal. This product is natural, its safe and it is effective. My strength increased along with my quality of sleep and, as an added bonus, PowerFULL helps with libido. Who can ask for more? This product overall helped raise my quality of life.”
    James Weidemann - Bemidji, Mn 56601 “Freezito” on
    “I've been working graveyard shift for 5 years. My sleep is usually in 2 hour spurts. I bought your PowerFULL and at just about 3 times a day it helped me sleep a straight 8 hours every day. It also helps me maintain an erection for considerably longer than I normally could. I do bodyweight exercises... I could only do 2 handstand pushups. After the third week on PowerFULL I can now do 12! A wonderful product from an awesome company.”
    Marc Boyd - Memphis Tennessee
    “PowerFULL rocks!! You can feel this stuff working. The pumps are great I felt my body getting stronger everyday as I packed on 12lbm in 7 weeks! And my libido was off the charts, it even became a problem.... well not for me!!”
    Isaac Delgado - Bremerton, Washington
    “I have to say that after using PowerFULL for a few weeks, I’ve noticed an improvement in strength, stamina and maintaining a low body fat level. At 35 years old I have also noticed that the GH effects are pronounced, especially in regards to skin tone and an overall sense of well being.”
    Thomas Shanley - Tewksbury, Massachusetts
    "I am a fitness minded college student, which means for me that time is short and money is even shorter. Since adding PowerFULL to my regimen, I have felt an enormous boost in libido, muscle hardness, definion, pumps in the gym, and most importantly sleep quality. The hours I do get to sleep are scarce, so better sleep quality has allowed my body to more efficiently repair itself and my physique shows it. It's an effective supplement at an affordable price; one of my staples."
    Drew Lewis Brashie - Bryan, Texas 77802 [email protected]
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  6. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    USPLabs PowerFULL™ (Mucuna Info, Non PowerFull Specific by Mulletsoldier)

    Original Thread

    I wrote this in response to a discussion on another site, so I thought I'd bring it here.

    As has been stated thus far, L-DOPA supplementation is more or less useless without concurrent decarboxylase inhibitor administration (most commonly, carbidopa). Without concomitant administration of DCIs, L-DOPA will undergo enzymatic conversion in peripheral tissues, leading to unwanted and unfortunate side effects; for this reason, and due to Dopamine's inability to cross the BBB, concurrent DCI administration is necessary for sufficient dopaminergic expression in the Substantia Nigra.

    Furthermore, and has also been mentioned, L-DOPA administration over long periods can have neuro-degradative effects, as well as prominent effects on motor function fluctuation (dyskenisia). One of the most prominent negative effects of L-DOPA administration is its degradation of dopaminergic ions, leading to a substantially decreased endogenous dopamine production over lengthy dosing periods; obviously, this is antithetical to the stated purpose of L-DOPA administration. This deregulation of Dopamine production is congruent with the tolerability and long-term efficacy concerns demonstrated by synthetic L-DOPA administration. This has led to necessary research into alternative treatments for Parkinson's models, some of this research is provided briefly below.

    Given these detriments, Dopamine agonism would seem to be not only foolish, but dangerous to one's health, as has been mentioned here. However, most of the negative effects mentioned herein have been focused exclusively, whether purposively or by oversight, on synthetic L-DOPA; this, then, begs the question of what differences arise as it pertains to synthetic L-DOPA administration and administration of naturally occurring L-DOPA. This question seems pertinent to raise for reasons twofold; firstly, Mucuna as a whole and PowerFULL itself have been mentioned within this discussion; secondly, this is an L-DOPA discussion, and any relevant discourse on the complexities of neurotransmitters must contain a certain degree of nuance and specificity. Without raising the very valid question of natural vs., synthetic L-DOPA administration, this discussion lacks the mentioned characteristics.

    As stated, a large amount of research is currently being conducted on this same issue at hand; while results, just as with any compound, have been neither characteristically "good" or "bad", one could say the majority of research on MP has been encouraging. This stems from a demonstrated superiority of MP over synthetic L-DOPA, even with concomitant Carbidopa administration, to induce dopaminergic expression. This superiority is not minute in anyway, and, as the sources demonstrate, has been up to twice that of LD/CD administration. This efficacy is not only demonstrated in higher short-term, baseline increases of L-DOPA in MP, but in terms of long-term administration tolerability and efficacy profiles. This increased ability for long-term administration and efficacy itself has been postulated to stem from many factors; firstly, a high expression of Dopamine in the Substantia Nigra with a concurrent lack of dopaminergic expression in peripheral tissues has been noted (herein being used in the context of any tissue unresponsive to the desired effects of Dopamine). This increases the tolerability due to a lack of increase in motor flucuation compared to its higher mean concentration and longer on time, as well as a lesser degree of cognitive function degradation; secondly, MP has been postulated to contain not only alkaloids which may enhance L-DOPA (DCIs), but constituents which may exert independent, beneficial anti-Parkinson's/Dopamine induction effects. In either respect, this leads to an ability of MP to exert increased Dopamine production over synthetic LD/CD preparations with, once again, a lower expression of unwanted side effects; lastly, MP has demonstrated the ability to be neuro-restorative. This has been expressed in not only an increase (as opposed to decrease in its synthetic counterpart) of endogenous L-DOPA and Dopamine production, but a regeneration of damaged Dopaminergic Ions in the Substantia Nigra (therein leading to a circular increase in its efficacy), increased mitochondrial expression of Complex-I as well as increasing Serotonin and Norepinephrine. Crude preparations of MP were also shown to contain COQ-10 and NADH (both neuro-protective in Parkinson's treatment).

    I feel it is important to note at this point, a few things, some in favour of, and some in reflective caution about, the benefits of MP mentioned herein. The question will now invariably raised about relative dosing of crude MP vs., synthetic LD/CD administration in the studies used. To address that question, it is imperative to note that the seeds/leaves of MP which contain roughly 9-14% L-DOPA are used to make a crude, liquidized preparation of MP so named "HP-200". This preparation, even in its crude form, is considered a viable alternative for Parkinson's treatment at an L-DOPA concentration of 4%. Most commercial preparations of MP are standardized to contain anywhere from 50-98% L-DOPA; in the case of USP Labs, we begin with a 75% standardization, and end up with a 50% standardization. Obviously, this leads to a much lower necessary dose of commercially standardized Mucuna to achieve the effects of HP-200.

    Secondly, while every consumer is sick and tired of each company lauding their extraction and sourcing ability, and the effect on the end product therein, in the case of Mucuna, this is a tangible and necessary concern. Genotype, latitude, cultivation and preparation methods all exert an effect on the quality and concentration of L-DOPA in Mucuna seeds.

    Thirdly, more research is necessary - that is clear. It has only been relatively recently that L-DOPA's role in Parkinson's has been elucidated, and thereby only very recently that a large body of legitimate research on Mucuna has been undertaken. Therefore, while the sources below demonstrate its vast superiority to synthetic LD/CD preparations, for various reasons, more research needs to be conducted on its long term efficacy and tolerability. However, I feel confident in refuting much of the cautionary evidence presented in this discussion on L-DOPA, at least as it pertains to natural preparations.

    As a final note, I would like to agree that standard L-DOPA administration is unnecessary and potentially harmful, but espouse that the opposite is true in terms of MP preparations. Along with the effects on Dopamine mentioned herein, it is also objectively documented to raise Testosterone, Semen volume, as well as display potent Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, and Anti-Depression effects. In no way is MP useless, and I speak of MP in a general sense.

    I would also like to apologize for the disorderly nature of my sources; this was not a pre-fabricated nor planned write-up, and I chose to include relevant text as well. However, the assertions made within are substantiated in full by the evidence.
    Last edited by borobulker; 08-12-2008 at 05:12 PM.
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  7. USPLabs PowerFULL™
    World’s Strongest Natural Growth Hormone Releaser

    V. USPlabs PowerFULL™ Ingredients and Dosing

    The best way to use PowerFULL is:
    Quote Originally Posted by USPlabs
    1. 30 minutes before fasted Morning Cardio
    2. Before sleep
    3. 10-30 minutes before workout (based off the research that natural l-dopa reaches peak concentrations in 32 minutes so HGH).
    4. 1 hour after eating a meal.

    Glucose (insulin) will kill the HGH response and glucose metabolism of a meal is 1 hour. For example, if you are drinking carbohydrates during workouts then do not use Powerfull. If you are using carbohydrates 1 hour pre workout, you should take PowerFULL about 10 minutes before workout. If you are using PowerFULL between meals, you should dose it 1 hour after the meal and this will allow HGH to peak inbetween meals and return to baseline just in time for your next meal.
    Quote Originally Posted by **************** Product Listing
    On workout days: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule in the morning 30 minutes prior to food intake, 2 capsules 30 minutes before exercise, and 1 capsule before bed.

    On resting days: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule in the morning 30 minutes prior to food intake, 1 capsule 6 hours later 30 minutes before eating, and 1 capsule before bed. Experienced users may increase nightime dose by 1 capsule after 10 days of use.
    What's the point of taking the 2 days off a week?

    The two days allows for a "break" from supplementation and may offer a slight "rebound" effect after the break. The break is optional.
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  8. is this ncaa legal?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigirish4life View Post
    is this ncaa legal?
    To more accurately answer your question, please indicate your respective sport.

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  10. Good job Borobulker.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by dexterium View Post
    Good job Borobulker.
    Thanks Dex.
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by dexterium View Post
    Good job Borobulker.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet View Post
    x3; x2!

  14. Thanks guys, it needed done.

    If you fine any info that you feel would be a worthy addition, PM it over.
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  15. Nice work buddy.
    Diet and Nutrition Advisor

  16. After 10 -12 days, PowerFull gives me incredible pumps. Too bad there are so few pills in a bottle, but i'll buy more for sure.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by Imeniaan View Post
    After 10 -12 days, PowerFull gives me incredible pumps. Too bad there are so few pills in a bottle, but i'll buy more for sure.
    At the new dosing protocol of 5-days-on-2-days-off, one bottle should last you around one calendar month, right?

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Mickfootie View Post
    Nice work buddy.
    Thanks my USP brother.
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  19. awesome post

  20. Quote Originally Posted by R-Mac View Post
    awesome post
    Awesome avatar.
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  21. A bit confused on the best way to dose it, one says 2 pre-bed and 3 pre-workout, one says the other way around.

    My last meal is cottage cheese and a tbsp almond butter, can i take the powerfull around this meal since its only 10 g of carb from lactose?

  22. Quote Originally Posted by jakellpet
    5 days on, 2 off. 2 before bed, 3 before WO
    This is how i have been taking and prescribing PowerFULL. There are a few different dosing schemes available. This seems to work well for me and my clients.

    As far as the carbohydrate dosing; is there anyway you can wait at least 30 minutes between feeding and dosing? Although at 10g you should be fine, you may want to maximize the time between the two.
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  23. Quote Originally Posted by borobulker View Post
    This is how i have been taking and prescribing PowerFULL. There are a few different dosing schemes available. This seems to work well for me and my clients.

    As far as the carbohydrate dosing; is there anyway you can wait at least 30 minutes between feeding and dosing? Although at 10g you should be fine, you may want to maximize the time between the two.
    Alright, i usually eat at 12 and then hit the hay, but i'll eat at 11:30 and take 2 pfull at 12

  24. But how many mg of PureDopa is in each pill?
    500mg? or less?
    And how much puresap?

    i wonder since i used about 1 g of bulk 1-C before sleep before with really great results, but now i am only using 2 PF before going to bed, but i can't say really that i feel the quite same effect, maybe i should go with 3-4 pills??!!

  25. Ok since I am taking Ap and PowerFULL at the same time how long after my carb meal that I take with AP should I wait to take the PF?Thanks


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