PH patch...

  1. PH patch...

    The other day I saw a commercial for those nicotine patches and thought, "Hey, why couldn't you make a PH patch". Just take a square piece of guaze, smear some DMSO gel and PH powder on it and tape it somewhere on your body. Any thoughts?

  2. Problem is you'd have to cover you entire body in patches to deliver adequate amounts of the ph. Its been discussed. Unfortunately, its just not practical.

  3. There is a way to replicate the occlusive dressing nature of a patch...can anyone guess how? It is too easy

  4. enlighten us with your wisdom

  5. Originally posted by Chemo
    There is a way to replicate the occlusive dressing nature of a patch...can anyone guess how? It is too easy
    plastic wrap and tape?

  6. bandaid

  7. I thought of this aswell but for a diferent reason!
    I might be wrong only been reading up today but as it stands the no.1 problem with transdermal is that if you spread it thick or thin alters how much is absorbed and the porpose of a patch is to increase absorbsion via locallised sweat (open pores) so why not use a patch put whatever gel you use in the middle and slap it on, I'm going to try it with burn plasters to create the effect unless somone can enlighten me!! why not to

  8. You simply couldn't get enough to absorb with a single patch like that for there to be much of an effect at all, and pasting patches all over yourself will make you look a little odd. But pairing it with T-gel might prove promising. Will attempt this next cycle in about a month's time.

  9. I tell you bros what I'll do...

    It's been a while since I wrote an article on transdermals so it is time to get one posted about methods for increasing absorption and mechanisms of action. It will cover not only occlusive dressings but also topics such as heat, electro, and sonic penetration enhancement.

    As a quick answer: use the saran wrap with a low alcohol recipe and it can be left applied for up to 12-24 hours. When used in this manner you can achieve a zero order absorption...and possibly get 60-75%

    Simply apply a thick application on a body part that is easily wrapped (thigh, etc) and tuck the corners under the wrap for a secure fit. Wrap tightly but not so tight that it impedes circulation.

    If one were to purchase one of my lotions it has inherent characteristics of an occlusive dressing without the sran wrap due to the methyl cellulose. What happens is that after the volatile ingredients (i-prop, etc) evaporate it leaves a thick coating that forms a matrix of PE's and PH's that effectively simulates an occlusive dressing. There are studies by 3M that indicate the rate of absorption is NOT dependent on the matrix but rather the rate limiting step is in crossing the forming a semi-solid matrix is of value for continuous flux.


  10. so that means that scrubbing the area of application ( assuming its the same site) is very important before re-application? or will the new application dissolve any existing barrier?


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