Some pointers making my first Test base transdermal

  1. Some pointers making my first Test base transdermal


    I am new to the world of transdermals. It seems like a great option for me as I'd prefer it over pinning, can get hold of base powders, and I don't require a high dosage for my needs.

    I have a few questions:

    1) Is there a cream solution which is considered the best to use for making up my transdermal solution, in terms of uptake, cost etc? (Any links to solutions? I'm not sure if it's against the rules to ask for any links (I'm UK based) as I don't think transdermal creams are prohibited in any way... sorry if it is)

    2) What sort of uptake do these creams have % wise?

    3) Are there any grapghs out there which show blood levels after applying a transdermal so I can see roughly how long the steroid remains "active"? I can apply a solution many times a day, that isn't an issue if needed, but I was more interested as it relates to when I should stop the course for possible testing. I've heard that testosterone suspension / base clears the system in a couple of days, but does a transdermal solution delay the uptake in anyway therefore prolonging this detection time?

    4) Are there any "how to" threads out there which shows you how to make up a solution, or is it really straight forward?



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