Uh Oh...Overtraining

  1. Uh Oh...Overtraining

    Overtraining- The state in which the stress of training, along with other stresses, accumulates beyond the body's ability to disassemble the damaged tissue, remove waste, and then rebuild the area of damage. - As defined by Edward Connors- Golds Gym.

    This is the never ending discussion of bodybuilding in my opinion. I think that when teens begin starting to train, all they here is "Dont ever miss a training session Which really isnt bad advice, but I think this sends off the wrong message. People then think, "hmm.....I havent missed a session, so maybe if I go one more my gains will increase even more" Wrong. I have read many books, and I like Golds Gym's approach. The coined the phrase "Less is more" By getting to the gym, getting the sets and reps you have to done and getting out, allows more growth than going to the gym chatting with friends, trying to impress them with big lifts and 100 reps isnt going to get you far. Training is only a small piece to the equation of maximum muscles, so you might as well make the best of the time you have to train. Experiment- Choose a program from the list of sticky's we have or perhaps you already know what works for you, then more power to you.

    The following is a check list to outline overtraining:
    • Trouble falling asleep, staying asleep or waking up
    • Your appetite is suppressed drastically
    • You feel sick- almost like flu like symptoms
    • Your body weight is actually decresing
    • You do not look forward to training, lack of energy
    • Your getting injuried frequently
    • Your strength is declining

    *As for the cure for overtraining, I think the golden standard for the cure is to take a week off. This week off is tor rest your muscles and a chance for your immune system to recover. This week off IS NOT a week off from your nutrition or diet plan. You'll actually want to increase calories and protein a bit to maintain gains. Once your body feels refreshed, head back to the gym.

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    Many people assume that they have reached a "plateau" and must try to work through it. However, a lot of times they have been overtraining and need to take a week off to let the CNS repair itself as well as let the muscles grow.. Despite what one might believe, your body will not atrophy after 1 week off, so don't be afraid to take a week off every 6-8 weeks. Remember, also, to not train heavy year round. take a few weeks to train light, not only to 'shock' your muscles, but to give your joints time to recover from the heavy weight abuse..

  3. great post, this is so often overlooked. i take a week off every 3 months, have been doing this for years. sometimes around december i might take 2 weeks off. people get too obsessive with exercise, and like you said its actually detrimental. peace.

  4. By obsessive, do you meanposting at message boards every day, and playing in chat rooms all the time?

  5. I just took a week off, oh man, best thing ever! Im gonna try to take one off every 4 to 5 weeks for sure.

  6. see...ive only heard good feedback on people who took a lengthy time off from training but personally, i coudltn take more than 3 days off without wanting to hit up the gym again. i dont remember a time where i went even more than 2 days straight without doing some kind of exercise (whether it be pushups/pullups/other bodyweight exericse on road trips). im one of those dudes who cant sit still for a long period of time and have to be active and my activity comes from training. But jarconis, you take that week off without any physical training? (ie running, pushups/crunches)

  7. I just took a week off because I was sick, and once I got back into it I felt great. The DOMS is still hitting at the same time it did before I took a break, and my lifts dropped like 1/2 of a rep (so instead of getting a full 4 on my last set I'll get 3-3.5 and the need a bit of a spot, no biggie, I'm also training in Denver instead of Cali, big oxygen difference, and my chronic bronchial asthma probably doesn't help that either ). I too don't like taking time off, but sometimes it's needed. I try not to beat myself up mentally when I do it either, because then I just feel ****tier.

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