Critique my first HST program

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    Critique my first HST program

    I've basically always had a 5 day split where I just punished each body part once every 7 days, so I think its time to switch things up. Since this is my first HST program i'll be running I would appreciate any input and ideas that anyone might have on this 8 week run.

    Jungle Warfare weeks 1-8
    Bad Ass Mass weeks 1-4
    ProA weeks 5-8
    DCP weeks 1-8
    BCAA's weeks 1-8
    ZMT weeks 1-8
    - Considering creatine mono

    Plus other staples throughout.

    25 yrs old, ~215lbs, ~18% b/f, 3-4 years lifting experience, endomorph body type. I am also currently on a CKD/AD diet, I plan on eating around 3500 cals with a break down of ( Pro/Fat/CHO ) 27%/70%/~3%. Im going to try and eat about 1-1.5g of Protein/g of bodyweight.

    Im going to do a full body 3/day a week split on m/w/f alternating workouts A and B.

    The rep ranges that I will work in are:

    Wk 1-2: 15
    Wk 3-4: 10
    Wk 5-6: 5
    Wk 7-8: 12
    Wk 9: 1 weeks rest before starting new routine

    Squat - 2 WU sets / 2 working sets
    Leg curl - 1 set
    DB flat bench - 2 WU sets / 2 sets
    Dips - 1 set
    Pull ups ( wide grip ) - 2 sets
    Bent over rows ( wide grip ) - 1 set
    BB Military Press - 2 sets
    DB shrugs - 1 set
    Hammer Curl - 2 sets
    Cable pulldowns - 1 set
    Calf press - 1 set

    Leg press - 2 WU sets / 2 sets
    SLDL - 1 set
    Smythe Incline Press - 2 WU sets / 2 sets
    Cable flyes - 1 set
    Bent over rows ( close grip ) - 2 sets
    Pull ups ( close grip ) - 1 set
    Upright rows - 2 sets
    Side laterals - 1 set
    Skull crushers - 2 sets
    Seated curls - 1 set
    Calf raise - 1 set

    It would be 16 total sets for A and B, I figure that I can see how this works and if I am sore I can always drop an exercise or a set and if im not sore then I could add to this routine. I am hoping that the ALRI stack will help with my recovery.

    Im not sure about what I would need to do for PCT, I have a bottle of Restore that I am going to run but should I run anything else with it to keep my gains?

    Thanks in advance for any input/advice.

    ***Also im not all that sure about the progressive load and calculating the weights needed, for example: If my 15 rep max for squating is 200lbs then I would need to multiple by .05 to find out what the week for the 6th workout would be ( i.e.-190 ). So, since I dont think im explaining this very well:
    For the 15 rep range for this example:
    Wk 1:
    A - 150
    B - 160
    A - 170
    Wk 2:
    B - 180
    A - 190
    B - 200

    Would those be the weights that I use? I am just not sure if this is how I should be interpreting what i've been reading through.

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    is anyone familiar with this training method? Can you lend me your expertise or experiences?

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