Ideal Useage of this Forum

This forum is designed to discuss and aid one another in forming various training programs to fit each individual's goals.
Due to the various opinions of training and "this works for me" and "this doesnt work for me" This forum will be monitored carefully and dont be upset if you find your repetitive post deleted. This forum is not designed for someone get a training routine done for them. Example of what WILL NOT work

"Im 6'0 190lbs, I am hoping to get to 200lbs in 5 months and I can workout every other day, what routine should I follow?"

That WILL NOT work here. This forum is to discuss various training ideas and routines. Things from HIT ot GVT, etc. No one will make you a program from scratch. Everyone here will be happy to pick apart your routine and add and subtract from it to create you the ultimate program to maximize your gains.....

We will help those who help themselves.

Things that should be discussed here

Notice this is not Just a training forum....this area is designed to discuss:

-Bodybuiling routines (cutting/bulking)
-Common programs (GVT, HIT, Etc)
- Powerlifting
-Sports injuries/recovery
-Exercise Physiology (anything dealing with the muscle)
-Aid in creating programs to fit your goals
-Various exercises and how they are performed
-Anatomy of the musclar-skeletal system

*In due time Im sure occasions will arise where things will oass through the rules and will be allowed in. Mods just ask that you keep things related to Exercise and training in this forum. After all it was at your request that this forum was created, so use it wisely and to your advantage, there are countless guys here who know their stuff. There just needed to be a separation between real off topic material and legit training thoughts and questions. The mods decided since many people now call this home that we instill an exercise science forum so you can get everything you need all in one place. Now you can buy your 1-T homebrew, get your diet down and get advice on your routine all on the same board by some of the brightest guys in the net. Again, use this forum to your advantage and enjoy!

BDCnutrition Moderating Crew...