Rest is important part of training equation

  1. Rest is important part of training equation

    <P class=text>We know this bro's but some of us don't do it!! Just a quick article on balancing our need of rest with the whole of the demand put on our body by exertion. WW7
    <P class=text>Many athletes think "training" is just working out. However, in a larger sense, training is the successful result of an equation that includes your workout and proper rest:
    <P class=text>Training = Work + Rest
    <P class=text>More specifically, work is your workout; the daily training routine which builds muscles, improves their efficiency, increases oxygen uptake, etc. It's also important to note that work is not limited to your training. It can also mean house, yard or office work, taking care of the kids, shopping, etc. Although it won't necessarily help you in training, it must be considered as work because it also requires recovery.
    <P class=text>The other important part of the equation is rest. It is during the rest phase that your body recovers from training. It allows your muscles and other working parts to rebuild and prepare for the next bout of training. During this phase, there should be no training, and sufficient sleep. Since most athletes don't have the luxury of complete rest, care must be taken to avoid training beyond one's ability to recover from it. For most, that means cutting down on training to keep the equation balanced.
    <P class=text>If you don't provide enough rest, your body will not be ready for more work. Or, if you work beyond the body's ability to rest or recover from the workload, you risk overtraining. Any of these imbalances can result in a series of malfunctions which may cause injury, ill health or burnout.
    <P class=text>If you work a full-time job, have a family, a house or all of the above, you're busy. You can still work out and train successfully if you balance the equation. Of all the endurance athletes I initially saw when I was in practice, most were working out far more than necessary.
    <P class=text>For most athletes the work part of the equation is actually the easy aspect of training. It is the rest phase that is most often neglected. In my years of training athletes, I have spent a good deal of time convincing athletes to cut down. When they do, they feel better, work out more efficiently and their performance improves.

  2. Thus making 1test the perfect ph because it also makes you sleep 10 hrs a day

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