Had a weird 'pop' on my collarbone

  1. Had a weird 'pop' on my collarbone

    Just wondering if anyone knows what exactly happend...

    I was doing a military press using a barbell last night. This was towards the end of my workout, and I was using light weight and taking slow controlled reps. At one rep when I was lowering the weight down, I experience a 'pop' from one end of my collarbone clear to the other end. It made a loud noise and I really felt it jolt.

    Now today I have pain at the inside end of each collarbone, and the pain seems to go up my neck a little. It doesn't hurt to keep my shoulders rolled back, but if I roll the forward it hurts. This wouldn't be a problem, but any press exercise (like bench) will be very uncomfertable.

    Feels like there might be some swelling too. I have taken some ibprofen...not sure what else to do.

  2. You may have separated/dislocated your shoulder. Have you done behind the neck presses before ? Have you lifted too heavy w/bad form in the past ? Do play a contact sport like football or hockey ? If so than any one of these things may have caused or contributed to your problem

  3. I had a bad AC joint tear from playing football years ago (back in '98), but that was much much more painful.

    This pain isn't really near the shoulder...it is located more in the middle of the chest. I never do any behind the neck presses/pulls. I am generally pretty careful when it comes to shoulder exercises since my last injury.

    I'm hoping it is just a mild sprain...it doesn't hurt bad, just an uncomfertable feeling.

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