Will Bobo's program help me?

  1. Will Bobo's program help me?

    Hi I have been hearing alot about how good Bobo is and am considering his program. But i am not sure if I am a good candidate.

    Here is my info

    I am 32 years old
    5ft 1-2
    144-147lbs depending on time of day and work-out
    Been as high as 160's

    I am walking around at low 13 high 12% bf I have been as low as 6.7%

    I routinely approx 4-5 times a year drop 10-12lbs in a one week period (weigh ins)

    I fight at 135lb I would like to move my walk around weight up to 160lbs but that would mean a 25lb drop to make the 135lb limit anytime i needed to compete? I think that would mean losing some muscle. So ideally I am trying to get to the highest weight possible where I could fight at either 135lb or 145 lb and make the cut with out cutting muscle.

  2. Why dont you try to cut as much bf as possible that will get you close enough to fighting weight (and with Bobo's program this can be done) and then you will be ready to fight or very close to it. I dont know ho wmuch notice you get for fights but hopefully its a decent amount.

    If you get alot of time before fights (which may not be the case) I would think that using Bobo's cutting diet would be great and when you get to a low bf use the bulking program (if thats an option.)

    Its hard to say because of your schedule and situation but I think Bobo would be your best bet as opposed to dropping 30lbs in the givin time period of pre fight notice.

    And also there is an intial consultation with him and you can have everything you need answered, so its really a great program to sign up for.

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