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bms0lsc's muscle building log

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    bms0lsc's muscle building log

    I've signed up with Bobo, but don't start my program until tomorrow so don't
    have much to post about yet. For now I can give some feedback on the service

    Being in the UK the only logical method of communication was via e-mail,
    so I thought it would take at least a few weeks to all get sorted. In fact, I had
    my plan just 1 week after my initial contact to FLA!

    The plan is well presented, packed full of info and does 'exactly what it says
    on the tin'- grocery list, complete workout plan down to the last rep, exact daily
    macro breakdown and meal plan. In total it is 13 pages long!

    Even with all the detail, I asked a million and one questions this week. I actually
    felt a little bothersome after a while! What's important however, is that Bobo
    got back to me with very prompt and concise answers, even if a few of my
    questions were a little daft!

    I made a few measurements this morning and these are my official start stats:
    23 yo
    164.0 lbs
    waist 33.5''
    BF 9% (estimated)

    This will be a natural bulk and I will post updates as and when necessary.

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    This will be a natural bulk and I will post updates as and when necessary.
    I think you should take some of that big pile of SD you've got, drink some snakebite flavour protein drinks, and you'll be bigger than Padley quicker than 2 shakes of the shirlminators widge.

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