Making gains whilst reducing time spent in the gym

  1. Making gains whilst reducing time spent in the gym

    So Iím currently training 5 or 6 days a week most weeks.
    If there were a busier period when I canít hit the gym as often, letís say I can go 3 days a week spending the same amount of time per session there, what could I do or how could I adapt my program to help me continue to make progress?
    Have any of you guys had to do this?

    For example, should I reduce the volume of each exercise I do or should I do one fewer exercises?
    I know I can fit abs onto chest days and deadlifts onto leg days but what if I did that but couldnít hit them as hard as I currently do?

    My current split is
    Monday - chest, triceps and front delts
    Tuesday - back, biceps and rear delts
    Wednesday - legs and side delts
    Thursday - deadlifts and abs
    Friday - [same as mondayís workout]
    Saturday - [same as tuesdayís workout if I go gym]
    I rotate between doing chest etc and back etc on Monday and Friday.
    So one week Iíll hit chest etc on Monday and Friday, back etc on Tuesday and maybe Saturday.
    Then the next week Iíll do back etc on Monday and Friday, chest etc on Tuesday and maybe Saturday.

  2. Fewer sets, as in one set per exercise. Controversial but there are a few of us into HIT, performing one set per exercise at a brutally slow rep cadence to failure and making gains.
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  3. Depends if you want strength or definition. Strength- compound movements,heaver weights closer to 1rm, less reps. look into 531 or 5x5 with the accessory lifts. For definition it is less weight, more reps, more isolation.

  4. True size and strength gains are made sleeping and eating

  5. Do you have room for a power rack and bench? You could easily cut your gym time in half training at home.

  6. I train 4 days per week. Usually a push/pull split. 2 of those days I focus more on machine work, drop sets, super sets...etc. basically ďpumpĒ work. During the weekends I focus on strength. I hit my major lifts and I go heavy. Not saying this is the way to go, but for me and my location/schedule itís what I can do. During the week I have to spend 45min or less in the gym so rest time is minimal. The weekends I can stay as long as I want.
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  7. Train less for more - what a great topic. As I age, in my 40's now, I'm more disciplined and more focused; this is a curse and a blessing. For the last year, as I entered back into the lifting scene (gone for several years due to injury) I came back with two-a-days - 1 hour of cardio with calisthenics in the morning, 1-2 hours of weights at night 3 day on one day off split. Made progress for the first three months, fat loss, strength gain, etc. Then, the tendinitis hit the elbows and wrists. Strength plateaued. Fat loss plateaued. I was over-training, but my "disciplined" mind was having none of it and thought about increasing the set volume. Luckily, I read enough to convince me otherwise. I reduced my 12 sets per body part to 8 or 9, went back to basic movements, (Deadlift, BarPress, MilPress, and Squats) dropping much of the isolation, and back to HEAVY (failure at 4, 5 or 6 reps - somewhere around 80-90 1RM), and increased time between sets to 3 minutes (<-- This I feel is a Godsend - extra time between sets - allows me to work at high intensity). I also dropped all the cardio except 1 to 2 15-20 minutes sessions of sprints or other HIIT cardio a week. Just enough for heart health. I took the extra hour instead for sleep - never less then 7 hours, target 8 to 9. Guess what happened? Strength is increasing, fat loss starting again - and - I feel GREAT. Let me repeat that - I feel F*****G GREAT! I enjoy my workouts again. I feel awake, and alert, and rested. My tendinitis has GONE. I'm on a new kick to re-engage myself into working out "smart" vs... the 'more more more' syndrome. Remember the triangle. Train-Nutrition-Rest. Its a three legged stool. If one Peg is too long, the whole structure tips over. You absolutely can train less days a week, and achieve goals. One piece of advice if you aren't already tracking your lifts then start - Record Everything. Every lift, every weight, every set. Tracking it makes you stay focused and on point. Then you can see if your making gains, and if not, try resting a little more, instead of adding more. It may just be what you need. Cheers - good luck - and don't worry too much about how "much" you train - focus on results. Less can be more - I've learned the hard way.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by ericos_bob View Post
    Do you have room for a power rack and bench? You could easily cut your gym time in half training at home.
    This is what I gym works were 1.5hrs with travel and BS talking to I can get it done in 45-50mins....

  9. Talking to people is a big time consumer for most people. While I like to talk to my friends, I know when its time to do my set. Sometimes its best to just put headphones in , if someone makes eye contact , smiles , say hey and if they talk to you, that's okay as long as it doesn't distract from your training.

    Sometimes for business, like personal training, or even if looking for a girlfriend or date, you've gotta talk.
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