Why do non competitive lifters take gear?

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    Stupid question. Why do people who aren't racing drivers want fast cars. Why do people who don't enter pool tournaments play pool down the pub. Why do people with no intention of being in the porn industry get boob jobs. I think its because we are human. Curiosity and a need to have interests and hobbies drives people to do all kinds of strange stuff, some harmless some dangerous. Sometimes the danger adds to the attractiveness. I know someone that does rock climbing and parachute jumps. They don't enter competitions to do it. They pay other people money to let them do it.
    Just let his thread die, he will start another pointless one tomorrow

  2. Thread title suggestion:
    Why does @CompeteNPC start patronizing and denegrating threads?

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    What kind of sense does it make for a guy to use gear if they are not competing nor have any aspirations to do so?
    What does competition have to do with anything? a PR is a PR regardless of if I'm wearing a singlet and have people staring at me while I do it. Strength is strength even if your not in a formal "competition".

  4. Bigorexia for me. I just like being bigger stronger and faster than i can be.

    Why be human when you can be suprahuman?!

    Most people can be one or the other naturally, big or shreded. Not both, you see it in natty bodybuilders on stage. A guy who was 250 off season is 195 competing.


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