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  1. I have a feeling the outcome of this story is going to give a negitave view of steroids and training to a population of ppl who already don't have a clue about these things to begin with, similar to the way the news does.

  2. ^ What makes you think that?

  3. Help out a fiction writer!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hylas View Post
    ^ What makes you think that?
    Probably the fact that the character takes steroids (and it’s a necessary part of his characterization and fleshing out), that he “has a lot of problems,” and that he “feels like he’s failing in other areas of his life.” Granted, plenty of people who use steroids do fit under the above description; as do plenty of people who don’t use steroids, it’s just that the common perception of steroids is pretty overwhelmingly negative. I’m not saying that the character is going to be negative, or a walking stereotype of a roided-out douche, and actually coming here to get more details is a good start as opposed to just basing it off of what you hear in the media. Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the people you’ve talked to here are using or have used steroids at some time, and there’d be no way of knowing by their actions/speech/etc. Time will tell I suppose, if you keep us updated that is. I’d also think that we’d be happy to help answer any questions about myths and misconceptions regarding steroid users to help give as accurate of a portrayal as possible for the character.
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  4. Yep^^^

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Smont View Post
    Perhaps the character gets in some sort of legal trouble for it, or perhaps it causes conflict in a relationship? Something like that could make sense, I think people are just afraid that the steroids are just an excuse to give him “roid-rage.” If he’s an angry douche when he’s using steroids, 99% chance he was also an angry douche before using them, and will still be after stopping them.
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  6. Well, there's no roid-rage in my story. The character is kind of a "dumb jock with a heart of gold." Definitely a sympathetic character, but if you want to call it cliché or negative portrayal -- equating muscles/steroids with lack of intelligence -- fair enough. I suppose it is. I understand if you folks don't want to spend more time on me, knowing this.

    But if you're still with me: one plot point I was contemplating is that he gets on the bad side of his steroid supplier when he runs out of money (for non-steroid related reasons), and that will be kind of a scary situation. Does that sound like something that might happen IRL?


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