Help with Workout Routine

  1. Help with Workout Routine

    Hi guys. Actually Im doing working out routine of 4 days a week. It basically is. Monday 1 leg excercise, and the rest chest and triceps excercies. Thursday 1 leg excercise, and the rest back and biceps excercise. Thursday 1 leg excercise and the rest chest and triceps excercises. Friday 1 leg excercise and the rest back and biceps excercise.
    My question is, as now I have started a roid cycle, is there any problem with training legs every work out day? I just ask because as with roids you train harder, I dont know if the legs would get enough recovery to train them every work out day (even if i only do just 1 leg excercise per workout day).
    What do you guys recommend?
    Day 1 excercise for legs is dead lift. Day 2 excercise for legs is “chargings”. Day 3 excercise for legs is “strides”. And day 4 excercise is “sumo squat”.

    I would like to read some opinions.

  2. The bigger muscle groups get 4-5 sets smaller groups get 3. Instead of worrying about doing 1 exercise for legs a day worry about time under tention for each muscle (do some research) and last of all with such a lack of knowlege and training 4 days a week. why are you using steroids.

  3. Recovery time is purely based on how you feel if the muscles arnt worn out at all from your 1 exersize a day you can train legs everyday for the rest of your life

  4. Quote Originally Posted by agnos View Post
    Recovery time is purely based on how you feel if the muscles arnt worn out at all from your 1 exersize a day you can train legs everyday for the rest of your life
    And how should i be feeling the muscle to know it? For example when i do a heavy leg workout, those you cant even walk when you finish. You feel your muscles that they dont respond to what you need sometimes, because they feel exhausted. But my question is, how do I know if im able to work it again being them fully recovered? Because for example the feeling of "muscle not responding" fades away the next day, and I could train it again but not as intense as the day before, so it means I should not being training them due to them being not fully recovered? Other times you can train them but with for example 1 rep less than the day before, that also means a "no train it yet"?
    Thanks for your help!

    Edit: Basically. If i cant do all the reps I day the day before but just 1 or 2 reps less.. it does mean I should not be training it because its not fully recovered and will not grow?

  5. My general rule of thumb is when DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) goes away 1 more day.. so if your sore the next day after training wait for that to go. And then 1 more day and you should be fine

  6. Quote Originally Posted by agnos View Post
    My general rule of thumb is when DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) goes away 1 more day.. so if your sore the next day after training wait for that to go. And then 1 more day and you should be fine
    With "DOMS" do you mean when like you train your legs heavy.. and then you want to move them and it cost your CNS to do it, so it also takes a few miliseconds to move it? As opposite that when you have not worked out and you want to move the muscle and is instantly and witouth pain?
    P.S I know bigger muscle groups get 4-5 sets, but those 4-5 sets are per excercise. For example if you do a workout plan with 1 muscle per day, you will do like 20 sets for a big muscle if you do 4 excercises that day.
    My case is I do 5 sets of big muscle (legs) per day. And Im afraid that now that im on cycle, with the intensity i put on those 4-5 sets a day. My muscle could not be enough recovered for the 5 following sets of that muscle the next day.
    I dont know if im being clear, if not please tell me and I will try to rewrite it, english isnt my native language hehe.
    And I am very obsessive about my technic with excercise, and with my work out plans, so I know i can put my 100% in every training day and that I wont ruin it with a bad constructed with a bad work out program.
    All those years I have been natty. This is my first time doing a cycle. And I have decided to try a work out plan done by my gym trainer, but I have never seen a program with 5sets of 1 legs excercise of leg everyday. And I know big muscle groups need 72hs to fully recover. And although that with that program I dont completely train legs to make them "fully exhaust them" and being natty you wouldnt train that hard and the plan would be sensate. I wonder if it could be trained that way while being on cycle with the intensity they make you train. Despite roids speed up recovery time, but would it be enough? Or would be better to add 1 day for just training legs very hard, or 2 days splitting the legs excercises?

  7. Wow bro, where to start with this, honestly it’s a bit of a mess and I’ve gotta make the same point as @agnos - it honestly doesn’t sound like you’ve things together enough to be running a steroid cycle......

    Can I ask what cycle are you running and do you have a proper pct lined up? (Without that it’s pretty pointless helping with the training as you’ll likely lose any gains anyway).......

    I may have missed it but you don’t seem to be training shoulders at all?

    Incidentally recovery is normally quicker on steroids, not longer.

    DOMS is a really standard thing mate, it’s the muscle soreness you get (normally 1-2 days after training a muscle). It’s basically the muscle repairing which is how it gets stronger.......

    How old are you and how long have you been training?

  8. I wouldn't squat daily especially on cycle you will gain possibly too much strength too fast and your tendons and ligaments may not sustain injury very possible.

    What are your maxs on the big 3? if your recovery is great with your cycle you want to figure out how much volume gives you strength or hypertrophy gains. What are your goals specially? Strength or Hypertrophy?

  9. Ya, this seems like its not all completely planned out dude. With not being too informed, why are you running a steroid cycle? What cycle are you running?

    DOMS-delayed onset muscle soreness. The soreness you feel after training, personally if the muscle is no longer sore than I know my body enough to know I can train it again. But also the goal isn't to beat your body into the ground where you are so sore and can barely move. The idea is to train hard and intense enough to break down the muscle, to then have it fully repair itself. Usually for me I am sore for a day or two then I am ready to go again and train. I personally prefer this, my recovery is on point therefore I can get back in the gym and train the muscle group again. So just something to consider...

    What is your diet and supplementation like? Do you have a PCT or on cycle sups ready in hand? What is the overall goal of this cycle you are running, to just put on some size or trying to lean out?? More details please so we can all try to help out. Pretty sure I may have repeated everyone else, but thats because its all important!
    Figure out what you want, make a plan, go get it, period.

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  10. Everybody has you covered so I won’t repeat anything but I’m questioning this as much as anybody. That being said, I would look into something like PHAT routine if you like hitting legs almost every session.
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