Adding 5/3/1

  1. Adding 5/3/1

    I am looking to add the prinicple of 5/3/1 to my PPL routine. I would only do bench, squat, deadlift, OHP once per week, as the program suggests, but I would keep my program, here is what it currently looks like:

    Sunday - Heavy push
    Monday - Heavy Pull
    Tuesday - Leg Hypertrophy
    Wednesday - Off
    Thursday - Push Hypertrophy
    Friday - Pull Hypertrophy
    Saturday - Legs Heavy

    I have a few different options.

    1. Keep the days as is, but do both 5/3/1 Bench and OHP on Sunday. I would do OHP second. My main goal is not to increase OHP, it would be nice though. Obviously doing heavy bench first will make the OHP progress slower.

    2. Keep the days as is and just forgo the OHP part of 5/3/1.

    3. Keep the same days, but the two push days will blend, please see the following template below.

    Monday - Bench 5/3/1, chest heavy, delts/tris pump
    Tuesday - Deadlift 5/3/1, back heavy, bis pump
    Wednesday - legs pump
    Thursday - Military 5/3/1, delts heavy, chest/tris pump
    Friday - back/bis pump
    Saturday - Squat 5/3/1, legs heavy
    Sunday - off

    As you can see, the OHP 5/3/1 days calls for a heavy delt day and pump chest day while the heavy bench day calls for heavy chest movements after, but then light delts. I don't know if this would impeded recovery though since I will not have three full lighter days. Maybe in the end, it would even out. I guess it is something I would have to try,

    Out of the three options, which looks best?
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  2. My two cents. Seems close to your option 3. Let's you hit a muscle group twice a week.... While pushing your strength goals...
    Why not do boring but big assistance 5/3/1? Then figure out a day to fit arms in?
    Day 1 chest 5/3/1 + shoulder volume work. 5x10 40-60 percent training max overhead press. Then add in maybe 3 or 4 more movements for shoulders.
    Day 2 Squat 5/3/1 with back volume. Deadlift 5x10 40-60 % TM and 3 to 4 more back pulling movements
    DAY 3 rest
    Day 4 Overhead press 5/3/1 with chest volume. 5x10 bench press 40-60 TM. With 3 to 4 chest moves
    Day 5 deadlift 5/3/1 with leg volume. Squat 5x10 40-60 TM and 3-4 leg moves
    Day 6 blast your arms
    Day 7 rest

    Restart... However that arm day could screw you on your strength in you upcoming bench day.

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