Training and personal training at same time

  1. Training and personal training at same time

    Currently , in my life, I work a job as a delivery driver, and started training people with me. My fees are cut in half if they train with me, as they are still learning. Of course, like if its Kristin, who is 5ft4, 160 lbs our weights are going to be different. Its a way to help someone else, pressed for time.
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  2. Is there a question or just you wanting to tell us this?

    I actually stopped doing this a long time ago. If someone is paying you for your time then devote that time to them. They can buy you lunch once in awhile if they are just tagging along but if you want clients keep them as that. Anything else isnít ethical and will lead to issues down the road.
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  3. I know a few trainers who do this. Think it works really well when a client is at the intermediate to advanced lifting stage. Imo tbe trainers main role is then programming and motivation with a little advanced technique critique. All of which wouldnt be inhibited (motivation can be improved) by training with the trainer.......

    Good stuff bro

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