Is Fasted Cardio Worth It?

  1. Is Fasted Cardio Worth It?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have not had time to train due to injuries and a 100 hour a work week.

    But, I want to get back into fitness.

    I know that there has been a lot of hype about fasted cardio. On one hand, it can lead to greater fat loss than regular cardio. On the other hand, without food there is less energy to exercise, less persistence at exercise, less intensity of exercise, and more muscle loss.

    What does the research say? What makes it good or not?

  2. Thier are studys that demonstrate that it does produce more fat loss but... You need to be in a calorie deficit each day.. Without the deficit fat loss isnt possible. Thier are no cheats.. Thier are shortcuts but you just need to find what suits you.. I personally train fasted and usually do cardio fasted (I intermittent fast everyday) the results are minimal on my part but i do it for the extra benifits.

  3. There are studies to back up both. When fasted you can burn more fat but when fuelled you can tain harder and burn more calories over an extended time period.

    IMO go with what you prefer, personally I find cardio easier fasted (feel like I move better) but then I fuel up for weights sessions.

    As above both will work as long as you are in a calorie deficit.....

  4. Agreed with the above poster. If you take Yohimbine HCl fasted during cardio it can help with the fat mobilization and oxidation of stubborn fat. I train fasted but only because thats when I feel best.

    Do it when you like doing it. Time doesn't matter.
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