Safety Squat Bar ( SSB )

  1. Safety Squat Bar ( SSB )

    Has anyone had any significant training with the SSB? I'm wondering if leg gains went up while using it. I've tried it and it is quite difficult but it makes you keep yourself upright. I feel I have a weak upper back and it transfers to my back squat. Will the SSB help correct imbalances?

  2. I would say stay with regular barbell squat and drop the weight to assist with imbalances. The Ssb I’m not much a fan of, personally

  3. @MrKleen73 has one and has used it quite a bit... im sure he can elaborate on his experience with it
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  4. Never used one but many in here have. It's very poplar amongst power training. Another tool to help build the squat
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  5. The ssb will kick your ass. It is an extremely useful bar for helping the lifter learn to drive their back into the bar and stay tight out of the hole, or else it will cave you over like nobodies business. It will definitely address your weak upper back in terms of erector strength and technique.
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