Dumbell Pullovers for chest

  1. Dumbell Pullovers for chest

    I've started doing these on a regular basis of recent. I superset chest and back exercises first as usual and then when all is said and done I load up a dumbell and do 4-6 sets of pullovers for 15 reps pyramiding up in weight. Now I find this exercise puts enormous strain on my sternum (painful but temporary) and as such I''m very careful in lowering the weight. The chest pump that I'm getting however is absolutely insane especially in the upper chest where I've never seen my pecs swell and burst out beyond my collarbones like this.I very rarely if ever see anyone doing these in the gym and wonder why. Are results subpar for most or injuries an issue with this exercise? There must be a reason why this once popular exercise has lost out. For those who still do them how have your results been?

  2. I am a fan for sure, however they do put your shoulders in a compromising position. Gotta be real careful with going heavy and with final reps and the "stretch" that comes with.

  3. I love them as well, but at @Sdog77 said, gotta watch the amount of weight. Cause it can put your shoulder in a bad place
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  4. Love pullovers. Really rounds out my chest. Btw, ive never gone heavy on them.

  5. What is heavy? I easily do 50KG DB.

    I have no shoulder issues tho.

    Different story with neck, and lower back lik

  6. Quote Originally Posted by AdelV View Post
    What is heavy? I easily do 50KG DB.

    I have no shoulder issues tho.

    Different story with neck, and lower back lik
    I broke my neck and back and have had shoulder issues for ever so I keep it at around 40-50 lbs
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  7. I stay around 40-45 lbs for high reps and get the good stretch.

  8. Do cable pull overs. All the benefits of a DB pull over except the lats never take over, and you can change your grip for effect the pecs differently.
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  9. I don't feel much in my lats really. A little at the bottom portion of the stretch. It's all in the chest and ribs and to a lesser degree abs from there. I workout at home so no machines at my disposal or I'd give it a crack. Yeah lightweight is relative. 6 sets of 15 reps in a drop set fashion. Weights are 50,50,50,25,25,25. Could certainly go much heavier but it's all about perfecting form and a good stretch at this point. and ofcourse the insane pump!

  10. Yea, the term "heavy" is relative.

    I'd say if you cant perform 8 full reps in a set it's considered heavy. So whatever weight that is for you individually...

  11. One of the few chest exercises I can do with my torn labrum. I can even go heavy on heavy day.
    Did them on my last 8 week workout. I do them as a chest exercise but also feel them at the stretch in my front lats.
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  12. Used to do them fifteen years ago when I started out. Not a fan for chest as its more of a lat exercise. Do some of the chest fibers stretch, sure.

    There's an exercise variation for triceps , its an entirely different movement though

    I do nautilus pullovers for back.


  13. Love it. Youtube “Seth Feroce pullover”, that’s the best way to do them for chest

  14. http://www.bobwhelan.com/history/superstrength8.htm
    An article I bookmarked a long time regarding dumbell pullovers and benefits in terms of ribcage expansion and overall strength gains. The claims seem a bit farfetched but it's an interesting read if you've got free time to kill.

  15. I’m a fan of pull overs for lats but as above I go lighter for 15 reps as an assistance exercise. Depending on how you set up dictates whether you hit more lats or chest (also decent for abs if you keep your lower back driven down into the floor/bench)......

    Agree with @mountainman33 that using the cable stack is a better exercise (keeps constant tension) - only reason I rarely do that is the pissing around setting it up lol


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