Training with a hurt wrist???

  1. Training with a hurt wrist???

    Possibly fractured/ sprained my wrist. Fell on my bike last week then continued to train (stupid of me) and it progressively got worse. Been 11 days and still swollen and just got an X-ray today. Sucks cause I'm almost 3 weeks into an LGD cycle. Debating whether I should take this time as a deload since it's been months since I've had one and my body feels pretty worn right now or if anyone has any good exercises for chest day that doesn't require intense gripping or pressure on the wrist joint. Only thing I can really think of is pec dec flies, but I will go crazy if I only do those lol. Any suggestions for upper body exercise (chest/shoulders/ back) with a strained wrist?? Thanks!

  2. Yea bro I had the same thing happen to me also sprained wrist from falling doing box the beginning of carpel tunnel. Do you have a cast on? To be honest I didn't workout except for squats lunges, cardio/agility. Don't excersize just walk on a stair master. This break is going to be great for you!! It served me well. Plus you have lgd running so you'll heal up great!

  3. Training with a hurt wrist???

    I injured my wrists twice (doing the same thing ugh) whilst on LGD too. I continued with the lgd cycle and tbh I regret it. Given the injuring you're not gonna be properly utilising the lgd and it'd be peak if you recover from the injury whilst you're suppressed as I did. Additionally, the LGD and accompanying supps can lead to suppressed estrogen in the short term which will just offset and bone healing (if needed) and give you dry wrists which would make them easier to agitate.
    If I could do things over I'd hop off lgd and take the recovery time from the injury to readjust from the lgd cycle, then hop back on after I'd recovered.
    With bone and joint injuries you'll heal quicker with high e than with high androgen activation

    It's an annoying injury and I'd just rest it as much as possible, pec deck is good but even so heavy weights will agitate the injury.

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