Thinking of dropping a coach of mine.

  1. Thinking of dropping a coach of mine.

    So I'm thinking of possibly dropping a coach of mine. Whats your opinion and has anyone of you ever made the decision to move on from one coach to another? I dont' want to hurt the guys feelings its just his schedule doesn't really fit mine anymore. I can train with one in the morning and I don't like evening workouts unless its a Friday because I have to get up the next day for work. Which is the only time I can train with the other. I know this is a random thread but just wanted your opinions on the most professional way to handle this.

  2. Ive never had the experience personally, but if the coach runs his coaching business professionally, he should have no issue with what you already said. Id just say "its nothing personal or anything wrong with your coaching, your schedule just no longer fits mine and I think its best for me to move on and look for something thats a little more convenient and fitting to my schedule". Id expect him to understand that and be like "cool, all good".
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  3. Youíve already put it best. As mentioned above Iíd ask him if heís sure that his schedule is set in stone and if so then you need to find someone else who can fit your timeframe. Itís nothing personal and Iíve even referred guys elsewhere myself for the same reason. If he makes it personal then he wasnít worth dealing with.

    At the end of the day your coach should only want you to be successful.
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  4. Your life mate, nothing disrespectful in your reasons to move on to someone else. GL with your new coach!

  5. Ok well I've decided two coaches is better than one. So I'm gonna stick with both! May as well use all the coaching I can get.



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