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    This is what I'm looking at starting in two weeks. It's the same diet -3000 calories of carbs from bulking when I went from 155-185 and 185-215. It's the same diet for cutting I used to get from 215-185. Split has always been the same (All are 2 exercise supersets w/ rotation of one going power other going hypertrophy)... just looking for comments, critiques, and general advice.

    4 Week Cycle + 8W:Liver/Cycle Support + 4W:PCT
    Hexadrone 100mg
    DMZ 50mg
    Methylstenbolone 15mg

    Pre: 5g Creatine 400mg Caffeine

    Intra: 10g BCAA

    Post: 25g Whey + L-glutamine

    Night: 25g Casein

    #1 2 Egg 40g protein Red Meat + Veg
    #2 40g Protein Chicken + Potato
    W/O - Intra
    #3 Post + 40g protein White/Fish + Veg
    #4 40g protein White/Fish + Veg
    #5 Night + 1c Nuts + Peanut Butter

    Veg = 2 Servings of Kale/Spinach/Broccoli/Cauliflower/Asparagus

    M-F= 1 hour Bodyweight/Cardio (Mandatory)

    Split- Abs everyday
    Full Body

    Heaviest: 215lb
    Lightest: 180lb 7%
    Current: 185lb 8-9%

    Density & Strength
    No more than 15lbs muscle gain

  2. I like when you guys post up your layouts. Gives rookies like me overall knowledge and game plan ideas. Nice bulk regime

  3. 7% @180....damn

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dds View Post
    7% @180....damn
    7 years of lifting
    3 years of strict dieting from nutritionist

  5. Have you used a cycle before or is this your first? If it is your first, I would advise not using a pre workout with stims since the gear alone can raise blood pressure. Make sure your cycle support has some form of control for that. If you have cycled before and used stims, I would just say maybe lower it or be careful with higher amounts of stims.

    What does your PCT consist of?
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  6. Pct is Clomid Lax MK and GW... yeah I decided to drop the stims


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