Shortcut to size vs madcow 5x5

  1. Shortcut to size vs madcow 5x5

    Which is better for size ?

  2. Shortcut to size I'd say, 5x5 is better for strength.

  3. Anyone else? What would be good program after shortcut to size?

  4. The 20 rep squat routine, 3x a week. Eat like Godzilla and you will gain plenty of size.

  5. Try Stoppanis bookend workouts they're good for strength I'm doing it atm

  6. Need more info. Based on the choices here, I'm assuming you're a beginner or early/mid intermediate, in which case I would say 5x5. Early on, strength and size go hand in hand...if you get stronger, you'll get bigger, and trying to build size and prioritize that too heavily over strength, when you don't even have a strength base, will only hold you back. For advanced lifters, there may be some programming differences, but people at that level rarely are asking these questions online. And even for advanced lifters who want size, there are way better choices than Shortcut to Size (and also at that level, most likely the athlete already knows how to program for himself, what works, and what weaknesses he needs to bring up).
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  7. I have run stronglifts and madcow a few times - stalled, deloaded

  8. shortcut to size is the balls, loved it have done it twice, I say give it a go, you follow the program you will get bigger and stronger
    Trust yourself

  9. I did madcow for about 10 weeks until I failed. Strength gains were amazing 205x5 to 225x5 on bench. I didn't gain much size honestly buy the strength was there

  10. What about stoppani med training vs madcow ?

  11. Anyone run med training before ?

  12. i did jims med program to, another good one, there all good if you ask me hes got some solid programs
    Trust yourself

  13. I have tried stopanni s program twice. I had great results in the transformation of my body. It is quiet hard and it is draining you but worth it. The biggest challenge is that it change the reps every week so you can't stay steady. For strength I have use eric helms training program with split upper body and push - pull. I had great results in power
  14. Shortcut to size vs madcow 5x5

    PHAT is good. I donít like 20 rep squats. The next day back pain is too much for me. DC is one of my favorites.
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