Overhead press problem

  1. Overhead press problem

    Hey guys OHP is my fav lift, but now I'm having a problem my forearm and bicep come together when I lower the bar and I cant touch my chest anymore I don't have huge arms by any means (16 inches) is there a way I can increase my mobility or some other way to fix it? I used to touch my chest with no problems :S

  2. doesnt seem like a problem.. plus Ive heard you dont need to touch your chest just come nose/chin level

  3. I don't go below my chin ever on ohp unless I'm going really heavy and the weight forces it lower

  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one slightly confused about your issue, your forearm will touch your bicep on the bottom of the rep but while you drop your elbows thats how you get the depth down to about chin area, best bet would be to find a reputable source to watch how the movements performed to make sure your doing it correctly, I personally like Elliot Hulse on youtube has great info on stretches and exercises
    Trust yourself

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