Favorite p/p/l split

  1. Favorite p/p/l split

    Been doing coolciada's p/p/l and was wondering what other ones u guys really enjoy doing

  2. I made my own. Monday is chest and shoulders with bench and ohp being the center. Tuesday is back with deadlier being the focal point. Thursday is arms and Friday is legs

  3. Push - chest tri and shoulder
    Pull - back bi and abs
    Arms - shoulders tri and bi
    Legs - legs and abs
    -Chaos and Pain Rep -

  4. Not quite ppl but

    Chest tri shoulders
    Upper back legs biceps
    Shoulders tri chest
    Deadlift legs

  5. Did that for a while with good results. Hate having a all leg day so the first is quad focused and the second hamstring focus with calves



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