Lean bulking body fat

  1. Lean bulking body fat

    What's the difference between lean bulking whilst at 7%bf, and lean bulking at 12% bf?

    I've heard some ppl say that you build muscle faster doing the same thing if you're at 12% bf than if you're at 7%, allegedly because your workouts at ~12% are typically better than they are at ~7%. Is this true? I'm aware that some professionals stay at <10% year round, are they sacrificing some gains by staying quite so lean?

  2. Well even at 7% you will slap some weight and fat on pretty easy even in a lean bulk but you build muscle better at a lower bf% and once you get to like 15% your muscle building capability start to decline at least that's what I hear and I try to get as lean as possible before I do a lean bulk it's just my two cents cause even on a lean bulk I have got up to 12-15% and that is usually around the end of my cycle....

  3. Your body will metabolize and partition nutrients better when leaner. This would lead to less overall fat gain in ratio to muscle gain.

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