earlier workouts wayy better regardless of sleep???

  1. earlier workouts wayy better regardless of sleep???

    idk if this has something to do with circadian rhythm or hormones in the morning, but regardless if I go to sleep really late and get 4 hours of sleep or 8 hours, I notice when I train earlier I have so much more energy in my workouts. my workouts at 7 or 8 am after only 4 hours of sleep are way better than my workouts at 11am after the recommended amount of sleep? I feel groggier if I train later in the morning/ day, anyone know why this is? thanks!

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  3. I just read a write up on hear about training in the pm vs am. In the am your body has more test produced than later in the day when its expended. So as far as training goes am workouts will seem easier and better but for fat loss and test production pm workouts are better.
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  4. Yeah but test shouldn't levels shouldn't affect my workouts as much as they do when I workout at different times. I'm also on TRT so my test is pretty constant I'm assuming

  5. Could just be a energy issue. Your body is alot more tired at the end of the day vs. Getting any amount of rest and then working out
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  6. I usually workout when I feel like it (on my off days). This way I have the most motivation and endurance. On work days I have to go early evening.
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  7. The real answer is workout when you are going to get the most out of it. Early morning workouts don't work for me, but late morning does very well. As I run IF this is perfect because I train fasted and then take in about 2k calories right after.


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