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    I see you Sparks2012.. Looking Good Brother!
    Thanks brother! Trying to get on your level...still lol

  2. Alright guys, little late at getting back into the log. I was in training this past week, so my rhythm was all kinds of messed up. Anyway, I stepped out of my comfort zone and started some OLY lifting this past week. A couple dudes from work are into it, and I figured I might as well try it too. So, I'm currently trying to find a balance between OLY lifting/conditioning/"traditional" training. I like it, it's a different challenge and lights my back and traps up like no other. The mobility aspect is nice too...more or less it's kinda crossfit. But I'm still focusing on building muscle/strength. I am enjoying the process once again and my motivation is higher than ever. Once I get the technique down, I should be able to start moving serious weight. First day trying it I cleaned 215 with sh1t form, in respect to OLY standards anyway. So getting footwork and the hinge/"pop" points down will allow me to push even more weight. Should help with deads and shoulder health as well. Looking forward to seeing where this will take me.

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    Snapshot from last night's chest and back session. Probably sitting at over 205 right now, I've had the good ol' McDonald's like 3 times in the last four days. Anyway, felt good, pump was pretty nice and contractions in the back were pretty strong. Don't get those that often so I'll take it.

    This morning I was dead, only had about 4 hours of sleep but went in the gym with a cup of coffee/half scoop of Hyde in me. Messed around on front squats and hit a 5lb PR. 305 and it came up pretty smoothly. I don't front squat often so this could be a game changer for me. Finally able to hold to hold the bar in a sh1tty "front rack" position. My pinkies always slide out and I'm left holding the bar with 3 fingertips. Progress is progress though.

  4. Another long(er) break from the forums, but this time it's due to me being home with family back in the states for a bit! I got in on the 1st and have just been relaxing and training, lol that's about it. Started a run of Gaspari's Halodrol when I got here so the gym has been crazy good recently. Last time I weighed in I was at 207, probably a little more now, close to 210-212 maybe. Thinking of running a log for the gaspari stuff, not sure yet. I'm about 10 days in so it would be a good place to start and get some initial and close to mid-cycle feedback put up. Here's a few shots from a few minutes ago, still maintaining some definition but my diet hasn't been super clean. Being overseas, I tend to indulge on all the American food I've missed. Daily, haha. Name:  IMG_3386.jpg
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  5. Sparkss2012, You Looking Huge Brother!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by BEAST73 View Post
    Sparkss2012, You Looking Huge Brother!
    Thanks man!! I'm up to 216 and some change as of yesterday, post legs. For that weight and how much "junk" I've been eating, I'm pretty pleased with how I look.


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