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    Throwing my blood into the mix, lets see how this goes! Am a lifter, small gym owner, currently studying for my C.S.C.S and preparing for a competition October 7th.

    This page will be part a PL log and part an articles/rants area where I will share some of my writing on training. Let the fun begin !

  2. Friday's workout:

    5x20 with 5x20 bicep curl + band pull apart
    8x3 speed bench
    3x10 bench press
    5x5 chaos push-ups
    5x10 curls with machine rear delt
    2 sets of push-ups to failure

    Ready for a heavy bench session Monday!

  3. One of my go to meals when the day is tough
    Taste amaze balls
    For health benefits I would toss the whipping cream and use almond butter instead butttttt Name:  IMG_3541.JPG
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  4. Last heavy day training on the wire for bench, going to do a 4 week wave of lighter loads for time. Can't always train the super heavy loads and I am starting to hit a "wall"

    Time to let the CNS recover and muscular system take a little break

    Would post a video, but it won't let me

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