Core strengthening/stability exercises

  1. Core strengthening/stability exercises

    Looking for a list of exercises you like to try and add into my routine. I'm talking about exercises such as deadbugs. I am looking to really strengthen my core.
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  2. Core strengthening/stability exercises

    Look up Tony Gentilcore's articles on dead bugs, plank variations, and pallof presses. Very knowledgeable dude and keeps his articles short and to the point. The other big one i have recently started to incorporate has been front squat holds for time. Keep your glutes contracted and take a big brace then just lift off and hold the weight in the front rack position. I usually do 3x15 seconds and add 5-10lbs when i get all 3 sets comfortably.
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  3. 1-arm farmers walks. The lats and glutes play a role in spinal stability as well. Another bonus is they will reinforce good gait patterns since most of us are jacked up starting at the ankles.
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