Advice / help reps arms size

  1. Advice / help reps arms size

    Ive been working out for about 4 yrs now and Ive hit some what of a plateau. I recently got my nutrition on point and really want to focus on arm size. Ive read alot of forums and tried various programs but am curious to see what I get from this forum espcially when its free advice. When trying to put on mass/ size whats worked best for some of you guys and seen best results.

    4/6 reps

  2. If looking for size stay towards the hypertrophy side of things. If you only recently got your Nutrition together maybe that was holding you back a bit.

    What were your rep schemes before?

    What's excercises do you perform usually?

    Any injuries to your arms at all?

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  3. Reps can be deceiving. Focus on time under tension. In other words a slow rep under continuous tension in both concentric and eccentric phases will be much harder and cause more fatigue that several rapid reps bouncing at the bottom of the movement and allowing gravity to drop the weight down.

    I also wouldn't suggest a fixed rep range but a combination whereby you are doing some heavy low rep / time under tension sets to break down muscle and also some higher rep /time under tension sets to create a pump and get the nutrients to the area to promote growth.

  4. How are your compound lifts moving along. If you don't already have a solid base on bench/squat/dead 300/400/500 I'd work hard getting those numbers. If you're already there I personally like high rep (10-12) pump training routines using weights of a 20rm max with lots of sets and keep rest periods down from nil to 20-30 seconds between sets. The more it burns, the better. Supersetting tri's and bi's always works a treat.

  5. For me, with arms, I've found heavy multi joint mives with a healthy warm up to start with pump sets after. Like 2-4 heavy sets of ez bar and DB curls with some 2 or 3 rounds tri sets after with some isolation stuff.
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