Need training advise

  1. Need training advise


    I'm 28yrs old
    Weight 212
    I'm 5'7

    I'm having trouble gaining muscle mass plus straight is going up. I eat 7-8 meals a day, high protein (2g per pound a day) 125g of fats, 200 carbs.
    I'm a construction worker, so I'm up and down ladders all day for about 8 hours a day.
    Then I train 6 times a week. I hit every body part twice a week. So I feel like I'm falling under overtraining?

    My wife and I have intercourse about 6x a week could that be the issue since it release zinc ?

  2. Do u workout am or pm? Only way i can make gains is am workouts as i am too dehydrated and glycogen depleted in the afternoons

  3. I used to do AM but with my wife and kids I get to bed around 11pm and awake at 4:20am( if I'm working out in the AM.

  4. For supplements I'm taking the Steel supplement line Amp-AF, Pump-AF, ADA- Anabolic, 4-Andro , and rested -AF

  5. I would take a look at sleep; 5 hours is on the low to medium side. Also nutrition; 2g per pound of body weight is very, very high, and my guess is that 50% of that intake is not being absorbed at all and is probably just excreted.

    Based off the macros you listed, you total daily caloric intake is roughly 3,600. You macros ratios are roughly: Protein = 50%, Carb= 20% and Fat = 30%. A typical macro ratio for building muscle would be higher on the carb side (around 40% of calories), while keeping the recommended 1.1- 1.2g of protein p/lb of body weight the same.

    And if your goal is to build muscle, then training every body part 2x per week AND construction work for 8h p/day AND intercourse 6x p/week AND only 5 hours of sleep p/ need rest!!!!!!

    Try splitting your workouts into more intense but less frequent sessions. This will allow time for more rest. Maybe 4 days on, 2 days off.

  6. I worked construction for years, and did a lot of overtime. Best schedule for training and making gains was total body 3x a week. About 14-18 sets each workout. Kept protein and healthy fats higher than protein intake.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by pro45 View Post
    I worked construction for years, and did a lot of overtime. Best schedule for training and making gains was total body 3x a week. About 14-18 sets each workout. Kept protein and healthy fats higher than protein intake.
    Agreed. Having a physically taxing job cuts into the time your body needs to rest. In this case, less is more (in regard to time in the gym). Also, remember that you don't grow in the gym, you grow in your sleep!! And second to sleep comes resting aka not doing sh*t. I'd expect you to see more gains by hitting each major body part only 1 time per week, and the smaller parts all in 1 day, with 2 days of rest. Keep workouts short at 45-60 minutes

    Day 1: Chest, 45-60 minutes
    Day 2: Back
    Day 3: Legs
    Day 4: Shoulders
    Day 5: rest (no gym at all)
    Day 6: Bi's/tris/calves/abs/traps
    Day 7: rest

  8. 5'7" and 212lbs. What's you're bf% roughly? The reason I ask is if you're lean you're maybe at you're natural genetic limit cos that's a serious amount of lbm and you're lucky to get 4-5 lbs a year. If it's high then you're maybe carrying too much fat and have become insulin resistant where you'll struggle to put on muscle and fat gains will just keep coming.

  9. I have lose skin in areas, I use to be 298 pounds at age 14 then became pre diabetic.
    I'll go more into detail on my lunch break.

  10. Are you sure you're 212 lbs? You really don't look that heavy tho it's hard to judge from pics.

    I agree with @csline you may be training too much. I prefer to hit one body part over five days with abs and calves 2x times a week thrown in. With you having such a physical job recovery is even more important for you.

  11. Yes sir I'm 212, i have really big tights and my pants is higher due to loose skin.
    If you look at my chest my nipples sag lower then it should. I think y'all are right I might just go back to once a week.

  12. I know you say you want to build muscle, but i reckon there's a fair bit of muscle on your frame right now and if you focused on shedding some body fat the muscle would start to show through and look bigger. I just thought i'd mention this as someone who spent 20 years chasing mass and then found that 99% of people thought I'd packed on loads of muscle when i lost 20 lb of fat.

  13. Thanks for all the feed back I'll sure use them.


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