Favorite body building style program?

  1. Favorite body building style program?

    I've been going at it for about 1.5 years now mostly focusing on strength gain and weight loss. I've lost roughly 70lbs to bring me down to the 270ish area and want to get down to 230 ultimately.
    My strength gains have been awesome (finally hit my 365 bench the other day, and sets of 10 with 275 is a breeze now) and have put on some really decent size (from what I can see under the rest of this fat) but now that I've hit some of my small strength goals I want to get back on track with losing fat and keeping size or gaining a little more size.

    Shoot your favorite programs or workouts this way!

    Thanks all!

  2. Sheiko modified slightly for more hypertrophy, walk on treadmill for like 30-45mins a day, plus diet

  3. Favorite body building style program?

    I strongly suggest HIIT for your cardio. It is great for fat loss. Everybody cuts at different rates and responds differently to different types of routines/diets.

    Diet has to be on point. You need to eat lean high protein foods and be disciplined with it. Gaining and losing is called a recomp. Very few people do it because it is a very slow process. I would suggest to do a cut while doing your best to maintain your muscle mass. You will see results faster which in turn may help keep you motivated.

    When I cut, my main forms of cardio include kick boxing, jump rope, and the stair master. Once in a while I will work outside doing football type training to get a different form of cardio in and mix it up. I suggest doing a 3 day weight routine with keeping the main compound lifts in focus. Supplement that with 3 days of cardio (I like to do them on separate days so I'm fresh). The reason I re assess is because when (in your case) you want to keep as much muscle mass as possible but lose fat, I want to limit the amount of cardio I do. If I notice I'm losing too much, I will scale back the cardio...etc.

    Whatever training routine you decide to do, keep an open mind with changing it up if needed. I like to take pics and write down my weight at the beginning of my cut/recomp/bulk and re assess every 4 weeks. If I'm seeing results in the mirror and scale, I won't change much if anything. If there is a limited amount of results, I look to my diet first. Results (especially with cutting) will mostly be determined by your diet.
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  4. OP, any update on what program or style you are thinking about next?
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