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  1. Weigh in: 103.5kg....same as last week! Feeling a lot leaner though.

  2. Dammit, twice in a row I have forgotten to hit send on my heres the catchup:

    Wed 3135cal 186p 393c 89f 35g fibre

    Thurs 2796cal 109p 327c 90f 32g fibre

    Fri 2867cal 105p 368c 81f 27g fibre

    I realltpy need to start limiting my carbs more to hit my protein goals.

  3. Sat 17th Feb

    On wed I did some deadlifts, hitting 180kg for what felt like quite a comfortable 3x5. However, afterwards my right hip siezed up pretty badly and with a painful ache emanating from the psoas there that immediately becomes more intense when I try and squat just 60kg, or perform any banded knee hinges. So I have wound back my rehab plan back to week 2 and canned squats & DL again while I wait for the pain to subside.

    Benchpress - with as little arch as possible - the plan was to hit 120kg for 3x3, which should have been reasonably easy, however i failed the first rep. RIP benchpress, ****ing cut. Finsihed with 3x5 100kg

    Isolat pulldown 140kg 3x8 1x10
    Weighted dip 40kg for 4,4,3
    Isolat shoulder press 70kg 3x8


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