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  1. upper hypertrophy d1m1

    Ditching close grip bench. Hurts my shoulder too much.

    Benchpress worked up to 5x10 with 100kg. last set rpe10.

    uni rows 80kg 2x10 then wirh both arms 120kg (60 ea.)

    Strict OHP 50KG for 2x10 & 1x8

    BW chinup 3x6

    Hyperextension BW 3x20

  2. Missed log for squats Thursday w1m1:

    Had to lowbar it due to pretty bad burns on my traps from a little welding accident earlier in the week. It sucked, but managed to hit 165kg for 5x3 and 140kgx10.

  3. Upper power today:

    Warmup sets 60kgx5 80kgx3 100kgx3. Working sets (paused, flat back) 125kgx2 (paused too long!!); 125kgx3; 120kg 3x3

    Isolat pulldown 40kgx10 80kgx10 120kgx10 WU then 150kg 3x6 WS

    cable tris '40' for 3x10 2x8

    seated uni row 80kg 4x10

  4. Deads w2m1

    Worked up to 205kg 5x3

    green band assisted NHR 3x15

    Hypers 3x25

  5. Woke up with the blues today. Don't know why - I have no reason to feel depressed - it just happens to me from time to time and I have learned to disassociate from it. Letting it flow through me seems to speed up its cycle.

    Also super sore today (or perhaps I am paying more attention to general soreness that is always present?) so took my time warming up for this Upper Volume Sesh w2m1:

    Bench worked up to 2x10 with 102.5kg, and 1x9 with 105kg AMRAP, 10 then 9 with 100kg.

    seated row 2arms 120kg 4x10

    strict ohp 40kgx15 50kgx10 60kgx5 50kgx14

    bw pullup 4x8

  6. Skwaats today:

    Back to highbar which feels great.
    165kg 4x3

  7. Daamit forgot to hit post for Upper Power sesh Saturday.

    Bench 125kg 5x3

    isolat pulldown 155kg 4x6

    seated uni row 80kg 4x10

    BW pullup 3x7

  8. Deads today w3m1:

    210kg for 6x3 (extra set to try out gym buddy's Skull Smash smelling salt - it was awesome)

    norwegian hammy curls 3x12

    BW pullup 3x6


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