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  1. upper power w1m2 yesterday:
    bench 120kg for 5x3
    isolat pulldown 140kg 3x8
    unilateral seated row 95kg for 3x5
    cable lat pulldown '80' for 3x10
    cable delt raise '60' 3x10

  2. deadlift ssturday:

    180kgx8, 200kg for 3x5, 205kgx5

    hypers, pull ups bla bla bla

  3. upper volume w2m2
    isolat pd 130kg 3x10 1x8
    bp 90kgx10, 92.5kg for 4x10
    unilateral row 85kg 4x10
    tri pushdown straight bar '30' 3x10

  4. Swuats w2m2 (Tues 10/10)

    150kg 5x3
    leg press 200kg 5x10
    hyper 15kg 3x22
    calf rotations 60 for 5x14

  5. Deadlift today:

    Supposed to work up to 205kg for 5x5 today but bailed after 180kgx5 with a r hip tweak I couldnt get rid of. **** sesh.

  6. Upper volume w3m2

    Isolat pulldown 130kg 4x10
    BP 90kgx10, 95kg 4x10
    uni rows 85kg 3x10
    bilateral rows 130kg 3x10
    tri pushdown 30 3x12
    supine grip cirls 20kg 3x14

  7. Skwaats yesterday w3m2:
    170kg for 2x3
    160kg for 3x3

    Didnt do any accessory movements as slept in.

  8. Upper body power today w3m2:

    Isolat pulldown 140kgx8 150kg for 3x8
    Bench 130kg for 2x3 which is nearly a PR! Then 120kgx3 and 125kgx3 120kgx3

    unilat rows 95kg 6,5,5. Fingers are bleeding under the nails from these

    cable lateral delt raises 65 fir 3x10
    cable lat pulldown 75 for 3x10

    Awesome sesh.

  9. Upper volume w4m2 Deload:
    Isolat pulldown 100kg 3x8
    Bench 60kg 5x5
    unilateral seated row 40kg 3x15

  10. Deads today, W1M3:

    Really felt like crap and failed 2nd rep with 220kg which i should easily nail for 3. WTF. So finished with 5x5 at 180kg. Feel really pissed off now.

  11. Upper volume yesterday:

    Isolat pulldown 140kg 3x10
    bench 92.5kg 5x10
    unilat seated row 80kg 4x10
    triceps cable pushdown 30 for 4x10

  12. Skwaats today:

    160kg for 5x3

    Accessories bla bla bla who cares

  13. Bit grumpy yesterday..... accessories yesterday went like this:

    leg press 220kg for 10,8,8,6.

    20kg hypers for 3x25
    leg ext '60' for 3x20
    BW pullups with bottom lat contraction for 3x5

  14. Upper power w1m3:

    Isolat pulldown 150kg 5x6
    Benchpress 122.5kg for 5x3
    unilateral seated row 90kg 5x6
    Strict OHP 65kg for 5x3
    BW pull up 5x5
    cable lateral raise 60 5x10

  15. Deads Saturday:

    Worked up to 180kg for 3x3. These felt terrible, couldnt brace properly and hip playing up.

  16. Upper Volume w2m3:
    Isolat pulldown 130kg 4x10
    Benchpress 95kg 5x10 - pretty close to PR territory now!!!!
    Dumbell row with straps (HS machine taken today) 50kg 4x8
    tri cable pushdown 30 for 3x10

  17. Swuats yesterday w2m3:

    Worked up to 170kg for 2x3, 160kg 3x3

    leg press 200kg 3x12
    leg ext 65 3x20

  18. Training log update:

    Thursday night I went along to an open training session at one of my local PL clubs. Tested 1rm for highbar squat and comp style bench, hitting 205kg (450Ib) for squat and 140kg (308Ib) bench, both PRs. Was pretty much shattered for the rest of the week, and trained deadlift lightly on saturday working up to 3x3 and 1x8 with 180kg.

  19. Upper volume today:

    Isolat pulldown 140kg 2x8 1x10
    Bench 100kg 5x10 (pretty easy too!)
    unilateral seated rows 80kg 3x12
    tri pushdown 35 gor 3x10

  20. Squats Tuesday:

    Felt fatigued AF after max testing last week. Worked up to:

    160kg 5x3

  21. Tested deads last night. Managed to pull 255kg which im ptetty happy with considering I havent had many great dead sessions lately.

  22. Feeling flat this week. Deloaded deads today with 140kg for 5x3. Going to run a new program starting next week, messed around with new format today after deads:

    BW pullup 5x7
    Close grip BP without breathing during set 100kg 5x5
    unilateral seated row 90kg 2x6 2x8
    supermans using barbell 4x8

  23. Today:

    Deloading squat with 160kg for 3x3. Bit heavy for deload but these feel easier than 120kg for some reason.

    Afterwards I did some stretchy/rotator cuffy stuff. My dodgey R shoulder is feeling a little worn atm after clocking over 200hrs in the last 2wks at work.

  24. Upper body Power W1M1, new program:

    Warmed up with some trap & lat pullups plus cable pullovers using 2 cables and straight bar.

    Benchpress: warmup sets 60kgx5, 80kgx5, 100kgx3. Working sets: 120kg 5x3 paused, - felt pretty terrible, struggling to find consistent form. 100kgx10 tng for an AMRAP.

    isolat pulldown: Warmed up with 80kgx10 120kgx10. Working sets: 140kgx10 150kgx6,5,5

    cable tri pushdown '35' 3x10 '40' 2x10

    unilateral seated row 80kg 3x10

  25. Deadlift Day w1m1

    Worked up to 200kg 5x3

    Norwegian Ham raise green band assisted 3x10
    BW pullup 5x7
    Hyperextension 3x25


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