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  1. upper power w1m2 yesterday:
    bench 120kg for 5x3
    isolat pulldown 140kg 3x8
    unilateral seated row 95kg for 3x5
    cable lat pulldown '80' for 3x10
    cable delt raise '60' 3x10

  2. deadlift ssturday:

    180kgx8, 200kg for 3x5, 205kgx5

    hypers, pull ups bla bla bla

  3. upper volume w2m2
    isolat pd 130kg 3x10 1x8
    bp 90kgx10, 92.5kg for 4x10
    unilateral row 85kg 4x10
    tri pushdown straight bar '30' 3x10

  4. Swuats w2m2 (Tues 10/10)

    150kg 5x3
    leg press 200kg 5x10
    hyper 15kg 3x22
    calf rotations 60 for 5x14

  5. Deadlift today:

    Supposed to work up to 205kg for 5x5 today but bailed after 180kgx5 with a r hip tweak I couldnt get rid of. **** sesh.

  6. Upper volume w3m2

    Isolat pulldown 130kg 4x10
    BP 90kgx10, 95kg 4x10
    uni rows 85kg 3x10
    bilateral rows 130kg 3x10
    tri pushdown 30 3x12
    supine grip cirls 20kg 3x14

  7. Skwaats yesterday w3m2:
    170kg for 2x3
    160kg for 3x3

    Didnt do any accessory movements as slept in.

  8. Upper body power today w3m2:

    Isolat pulldown 140kgx8 150kg for 3x8
    Bench 130kg for 2x3 which is nearly a PR! Then 120kgx3 and 125kgx3 120kgx3

    unilat rows 95kg 6,5,5. Fingers are bleeding under the nails from these

    cable lateral delt raises 65 fir 3x10
    cable lat pulldown 75 for 3x10

    Awesome sesh.


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