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  1. Upper volume today:
    Isolat pulldown 120kg for 4x10 and 1x8
    Db benchpress 37.5kg: 10,9 - omg farted thru the setup right next to one of the regular girls, was all i could do to keep from laughing - 10
    Isolateral row: 120kgx6 then 2x6 with 140kg, 1x6 with 120kg, 1x12 with 80kg as a drop set
    Bw dips 3x10
    Bw chinup 3x8

  2. Back after another week off due to illness. Had some sort of gastro virus that had me horizontal for a good 48hrs and pretty much depleted of energy for the whole week. Chest infection came back in the middle of it too, so yeah, been a tough winter.

    Upper volume today:

    Isolat pulldown 100kg for 5x10
    Db bench 35kg for 3x10
    Isolat row 120kg for 3x10
    Cable pullovers '30' for 3x10
    Cable lateral delt raise 55 for 12,10,10
    Cable lat pulldown 80 for 3x8

  3. Skwaaats today: worked up to 140kg for 3x3 highbar slowish descent. This absolutely destroyed my quads - guess I have dehabituated from the movement after only squatting a few times over the last couple months.

    Weighted glute hypers 15kg for 3x15

    Seated calf raise 40kg 3x10

    Bw chinup slow descent 3x5

    Leg extension 45 for 3x20

    Lat pulldown 70 for 3x8

  4. Upper body Power:

    Isolat pulldown 120kg 3x10
    Bench Press 110kg 3x3
    Isolat high row 120kg 3x8
    Cable pullover 15kg 5x15
    Cable lateral raise 55 3x10
    Cable pulldown 70 3x8

  5. Did some deads on arm day Satutday, worked up to 180kg for 3x5. Forgot to hit send.

  6. Dammit forgot to hit send again...workout highlights:

    120kg isolat pulldown for 3x10
    40kg db bench press for 8,10,7
    Isolateral seated row 160kg for 3x8
    Bw dip beutral spine straight legs 3x8
    Finished with lateral raise:lat pulldown superaets 3x8

  7. Squats today, worked up to:
    3x3 with 145kg
    Glute bridges 3x40
    Frog thrusters 3x40
    Hypers 3x25
    Calf rotations 3x15 at '50'
    Leg extemsion 3x20 at '60'

  8. Upper power today:
    BP 110kgx3 115kg3x3
    Isolat high row 110kg 3x10
    Tbar row 60kg 3x15
    Strict OHP 50kg for 8,7,6
    Cable lat pulldown '70' for 4x10
    Cable lateral delt raise '50' for 3x8


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