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  1. Wicked sesh this morning. Felt super human, and managed a nice bench PR of 130kgx3. Stoked.

    Bench worked up to:
    130kgx3 PR

    Pendlay Rows 80kg for 4x8

    Arnold Press 20kg db for 12,10,12,10

    BW Pushup 3x20

    Side lateral raise 10kg for 3x10

    BW Chinup 3x8

    BW chest dip 3x8

  2. Squats today, felt flat at first but warmed up slowly and found that inner state that pushes me.

    Worked up to:
    160kgx1 3sec pause for 4sets

    Belt squats:

    60kg for 2x10 and 1x6. Massive abdominal cramp on that sixth rep had me curled up cursing on the gym floor. Still prettt sore now & wondering if i may have a decent tear.

    Linear hack press 40kg for 3x10

    BW hyper extension 32, 22, 16

  3. Upper body volume today:

    DB Press worked up to:

    HS plate rows

    BW Dips 12,14,10

    BW chins 8,8,7 these hurt. R shoulder is super sore from painting the house on the weekend

    Bent over lateral db raise supersets (10kgx10; 5kgx5)x3

  4. Had a great DL sesh yesterday, working up to:

    Followed it up with:
    Cable crunch '50' 14,12,12,10
    Hyper flies 5kgdb 18,16,14,14,14
    External cable rotation 7.5 for 3x8

  5. Hitting arms today:

    Seated db curl:
    17.5kg for 8,8,8
    Db overhead tri extensuon
    15kgx10 17.5kg forv8,8,6
    Rev grip bb curl 35kg 8,10,10,9
    Overhead cable triceps ext rope 3x12 on '30'
    Preacher curl 40kg 3x10
    BW superset chins &dips:

    Totally fried.

  6. First session back after 3 days break from a big weekend on nightshift. Deloading a little this week, today working on my upper back and shoulder mobility which is suffering atm.

    Ext rotations 3x8
    Side lateral db raise 5kg 3x15
    Bb ohp 40kg 3x5 2x10
    Lat pulldown
    Hyperext rear delt raises

  7. Did some upper body stuff today, afterb3 days off - work has been super busy.

    Pendlay Rows worked up to

    Dumbell bench press worked up to:


    Chinups BW for 4x4 with slow negs

  8. Skwaats & deads today, unusual split for me but heading up the coast for the next 3 days so forced to combine these to get it done:

    Skwaats worked up to:
    140kg paused for 3x1
    160kg paused for 2x1
    140kgx5 for 3 sets

    Deads worked up to 220kg for 2x3 and 180kg for 1x8

  9. Upper body power today start of a new meso. Hit:

    Bench press 2sec pause reps 6x3 with 120kg feeling strong AF from db press work

    Pendlay rows 60kg for 3x10 with top pause

    Rev grip bb rows 80kg for 3x12

    Standing bb OHP 40kg for 10 then 45kg for 3x10

    Lat pulldown '60' for 3x12

  10. Arms today:

    Seated db curl 15kg for 10,10,9,9,9
    Db overhead tri extension 15kg for 10, 10, 12, 10, 10
    Bb rev grip curl 37.5kg for 10,10,10,10,10
    Preacher curl 45kg for 3x6 40kg for 2x8
    Close grip bench press 60kg for 2x20 and 1x15
    Cable tri kickdown 20 for 3x15
    Lateral raise 7.5kgdb 10,15,15


  11. So...yesterday i pussed out from my squat sesh after failing to pass my little warmup tests. Today i came in and completed an awesome squat sesh!

    Skwaats highbar, paused: 160kg for 3xq

    Skwaats triples, highbar: 160kg for 6x3

    Belt skwaats 60kg 3x10, 1x15

    Norwegian hammy curls: 3x5

    Hyperextension rear delt db raises top pause 5kg for 5x15

  12. Upper body volume today:

    Plate rows alt wide & narrow grip 120kg for5x10

    Db press worked up to 30kgx10, 37.5kg for 3x9, 30kgx14

    Rear delt raise from hyper bench 10kg for 5x10

    Standing OHP worked up to 50kg for 5x10

    Leg raises 5x18

    Face pulls using trx straps 3x8

  13. Had a great pull sesh this morning:

    Deads 220kg for 3x3
    Paused (mid shin) deads 180kg for 6x3

    Banded hip thrusts 30x3
    Banded straight arm pullovers 18x3

    Been running at a cal deficit since Sat and this morning felt rough, but managed to pull through. Stoked.

  14. Cut progress pic above.

  15. Upper body power today, after 3 days off with the flue and cold and flu tabs (nightime ones tend to be quite inhibitory) worked up to:
    120kgx3 feeling super heavy
    120kgx3 bad setup had me really struggling
    120kgx3 much better setup but last rep wobbly af
    120kgx3 nice - body is waking upvfrom the antihistamines
    125kgx3 butt rose a little on the last rep
    100kg for 10 rpe 8

    No rows today, left RC feeling sore af so light lat pulldown instead, '60' for 5x8

    Lat db raise from hyper bench, again light weight to rest RC
    5kg for 5x15

    Standing OHP

    Standing db raise 10kg for 3x10

  16. Light accessory sesh today, with a strong focus on repatterning for my pull to eliminate the shrug I have developed at the start. Pretty sure this is why my left RC is fried atm, from using these muscles as a slingshot at the beginning of my pulling movements. worked up to:

    Isolateral lat pulldown 100kg for 8 sets of 10 (spaced out throughout the whole workout). Really slow reps focusing on starting with fully retracted scaps and relaxed traps. The main cue I'm using for this is neutral hips, as part of my problem is excessive thoracic extension shutting down my lower lats and psoas/rectus abdominal activation.

    Seated incline bench biceps curls, working up to:
    15kg for 5sets 8

    Overhead db triceps extension:
    15kg for 5 sets of 10

    Supine biceps bb curls 30kg for 3x14

    Overhead triceps extension using BW from smith machine bar: 5x10 (wicked pump from these)

    Seated isolateral rows 35kg each side: 3x10 slow reps focusing on starting position with retracted scaps

    Close grip banded spoto benchpress 60kg+25kg band tensions 3x16

    Feeling super weak and had the shakes and headspins very early on. Got through the workout with long rests and lots of water + intraworkout carbs (staminade 2servings). Took some progress selfies at the end, noticing some more abdominal definition between my pecs.

  17. Terrible squat sesh today. Managed to work up to 160kg for 6 singles only, with every one feeling off. Backed off with 140kgx3 for 3 sets but again, something felt wrong in my right hip below parallel, and I felt out of control during the descent. Followed up with:
    Linear hack squat 70kg for 4x8
    Norwegian hammy curl, band assisted 3x8

  18. Upper body volume:

    Isolateral pull down:
    80kg for 14
    100kg for 3x10 1x8

    Db press
    35kg for 2x10 1x9

    BW lat pullup 3x6

    Standing OHP
    55kgx10 PR!!
    50kgx9 pretty fried last 3 were grinders

    Db lateral raises standing 10kg forv3x10


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